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During this lockdown, the government is preventing people from going to work. Only those who are essential are allowed to go, and they must do so from a home office. This includes doctors, nurses, police, and other emergency personnel. Zoom Cloud Meetings is a popular cloud-based video conferencing app with over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. This app will enable you to hold meetings with colleagues around the world. A zoom is a convenient option for employees who need to work from home. It’s so popular, there’s no way it’ll go away anytime soon!

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Convenient conference connection application

Zoom has been powering cloud meetings long before the quarantine days. It was released in 2011 and has now been used by many companies worldwide. Zoom is perfect for many reasons, but it is still most popular because of the features it comes with. Before the existence of cloud-based video conferencing apps, absent workers had to cancel or rearrange meetings, which was inconvenient for everyone involved. Workers would either have to cancel their own meeting or their absent colleagues would have to do the same. I hate talking on the phone. I feel like I’m in the dark ages with a text-heavy screen. Cloud-based video conferencing is a life-saver when you need to talk to someone- but it can be such a pain to find the right app. Zoom is my favorite because it has one of the most complete and easy-to-use interfaces. With the country in a recession, companies and businesses need to be cash-efficient and cut costs as much as they can. One way they can do this is with the help of enterprise social software. Enterprise social software is a system that allows employees to collaborate on projects digitally, cutting down on time and travel expenses. Read on to learn more about it and how it can help you become more efficient and save money.

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Experience the featured features

Zoom is one of the most popular cloud video conferencing apps on the market today. They have 100s of millions of downloads and for several reasons: they are one of the pioneers, they helped shape the culture of cloud meetings, and they have these features:

Crisp picture quality and clear sound

When it comes to conducting a cloud-based meeting, sound and video quality are the most important factors. Otherwise, participants can’t understand each other and the meeting will not have been worthy of its time. Zoom offers great video and audio quality to remote workers, which is better than any other competitor. Not only do they have a functional cloud meeting app, but they can handle the needs of any internet connection you have. This flexibility has allowed Zoom to work on any internet connection — whether it’s a wireless network, LTE, or 3G.

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Easy meeting schedule control

Zoom is a very useful app for scheduling meetings and being organized. It has a calendar where you can schedule meetings automatically and with no hassle at all. You can also create reminders and video calls right from the calendar to take out any hassle of setting up one. Once you set up a schedule, you can send an invitation to the participants to see if they will show up, and they will respond right away. This new tool eliminates the need to physically set up meetings and to remember when you had to set them. This way, all meetings go on as planned even when you are not there.

Quick install

One thing that makes or breaks a video conferencing app in settings. Zoom is the perfect example of an app that does it right. There are enough settings but intuitively executing them. Zoom has everything a person could need to be comfortable with the program and we are pleased to say we’ve never seen this ease of use in any other video conference app. It’s easy to customize your first meeting with this cool new app. All you have to do is spend just one meeting learning about the app’s features. After that, you’ll be able to efficiently mute and unmute the mic, change the camera, and do all sorts of other neat stuff.

Modern interface

Zoom features a clean and minimal user interface that is not cluttered. This is a great feature for non-tech people who might not know how to use a cloud-based video conferencing app with complex features. Zoom is made with the average person in mind. It offers systematic and clean, easy-to-use features that anyone can enjoy.

Easily share anything

As if Zoom wasn’t enough, they’ve got all your document-sending needs covered. Admittedly, it’s not a necessary feature for everyone, but it might be exactly what you’re looking for. In the app, you can send files, photos, screen shares, links, and even Google Drive folders. All of these items are seamlessly integrated into the app without interrupting your workflow. Plus, if you want to send an audio file, Zoom’s got you covered.

Available with device

Zoom is a mobile platform-agnostic company that offers video and audio conferencing solutions for a wide range of devices. This means that whether you’re on your Windows, iPhone, or Android device, you can join a Zoom meeting by downloading the app. It’s that easy!


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