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With your smartphone, you can now measure the length of your couch, area of your living room or even develop an entire floorplan. This is what augmented reality measurement apps can do and among them is CamToPlan.


CamToPlan changes your tablet or mobile phone into a modern measuring device. The following section describes some of the features of CamToPlan, its myriad benefits for home owners, DIYers as well as professionals and how it could change the way you take measurements.

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What is CamToPlan?

Your Virtual Measuring Tape

CamToPlan at its core is an augmented reality (AR) app that allows you to make real-world measurements using your smartphone’s camera. It works like a virtual tape measure that overlays on top of the world around you. Here’s why it matters:

  • Measure Distances: Effortlessly measure lengths, widths and heights of objects and spaces.
  • Calculate Areas: Quickly determine the square footage of rooms, walls or any defined surface.
  • Generate Floorplans: Create accurate 2D floor plans of your home or office on the fly with dimensions included.

Simplicity at its Finest

CamToPlan has its strongest point in its easy-to-use interface designs. You don’t have to be tech savvy to utilize this app fully because it does not require technical expertise from user as long as one can use their cameras to guide them towards distances and areas with surprising accuracy.

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Why Use CamToPlan? Benefits & Use Cases

Time-Saving, Accuracy, and Limitless Possibilities

CamToPlan disrupts traditional measuring methods saving time and doing away with having to carry cumbersome tools along when taking measurements. Why do people in various fields find it indispensable?

  • Incredible Convenience: No more stumbling with tape measures or misreading markings etc., just drop in on wherever you want to go.
  • Precision: Get dependable measurements, often exceeding those provided by regular measuring tapes, thus allowing for finer planning.
  • Versatility: Measure simple distances, complex shapes or map out whole rooms; the possibilities are endless in the case of CamToPlan.

Use Cases for Everyone

These are some real-life scenarios where CamToPlan excels:

Home Renovations:

  • Measure a room before you buy furniture to avoid fitting mishaps.
  • See your layout changing accurately.
  • Estimate paint, tile or flooring quantities.
  • Interior Design: Optimize your space without having to lift heavy objects through trying out different furniture arrangements
  • Real Estate: Determine square footage and room dimensions quickly for listings or appraisals.
  • Construction and DIY Projects: Ensure that your on-site measurement is accurate as per plan, document progress and everything follows the project plan.

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Tips for Using CamToPlan Effectively

Boost Accuracy and Efficiency

Although easy to use, ensure these tips further enhance your measuring experience when using CamToPlan:

  • Lighting Matters: Ensure adequate lighting in the area being measured for better camera tracking and accuracy.
  • Steady Aim: Try hard as you can not to move when marking points so that it gives you the most detailed measurements possible.
  • Reference Points: Improve precision by selecting clear visual reference points such as corners or edges of furniture.
  • Explore Exporting: Save your measurements and floor plans using different formats such as PDFs, DXF etc. so that they can be easily shared and integrated with other tools.

Unleash Your Creativity With CamToPlan

CamToPlan can be used for more than its conventional purposes if one thinks outside of the box.

  • Plan Your Garden: Layout garden designs, measure distances between planting beds or estimate materials needed for fencing projects.
  • DIY Projects: Make a sketch of furniture designs including precise measurements.
  • Packing and Traveling: Instantly approximate the size of your luggage or boxes to make sure they comply with regulations.


Whether you are a homeowner doing home improvements, an addict of DIYs, a property manager or just a normal person who has been fed up with trying to work out the measurements using tape measure the technology behind CamToPlan could be game changing. The tool is must have in this increasingly tech-savvy world because it is simple to use, accurate and highly versatile.

At we are dedicated to providing reviews on some of the best productivity apps and tools that enable you simplify your life. Obviously CamToPlan is among them. And If you want a powerful productivity suite for handling documents, presentations and spreadsheets then read our review about OfficeSuite – it perfectly complements with what CamToPlan can do as well.



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