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Mar 11, 2024
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Unlock pro features with the Email Aqua Mail Mod Apk. Enjoy fast and secure messaging for your Android devices, plus access to advanced settings!

  • Pro Unlocked


Email Aqua Mail MOD APK will make mail browsing and aggregation easier than ever. This application connects to a variety of sources, allowing you to find hundreds of emails every day without having to switch between numerous applications. First, let us understand more about this application.


About the app Email Aqua Email

There are probably more than a thousand platforms, protocols, and services that allow you to conveniently email all of your contacts, but not everything that shines are gold, is it? In return, they take an absurd quantity of your data, contacts, and messages while mockingly giving you only the ability to send email messages. Email Aqua Mail can help you if you wish to rise beyond this and email like a pro.

With more than 300 mailing settings, including PDF and XML download, anonymous forwarding, scheduled mailing, copying and pasting, batch managing, and folder managing, this Android app provides an end-to-end encrypted email service. Simply put, Email Aqua Mail is a sizable aquarium filled with all the email capabilities you could possibly need, whether you’re an individual, business, or professional.

Why download the latest version of the app Email Aqua Mail MOD APK from TechToDown?

Email Aqua Mail is the only necessary protocol to surf you towards the moon, regardless of whether you are a beginner, advanced, or even an expert in the mailing skill. If you’re a premium customer, you can utilize an infinite number of email accounts without any limitations or interruptions. Yes, the premium subscription plan for Email Aqua Mail costs 2500.00 INR per year and gives you immediate access to all 300+ mailing capabilities.

Got startled, huh? That is legitimate because neither Gmail nor Yahoo Mail charge any money to use their protocol. But before you get discouraged, allow me to show you Email Aqua Mail MOD APK. For all of our inventive Android techies, finding free premium fun is one of the amazing upgrades we do for Android. If the pricey Email Aqua Mail‘s premium plan is making you unhappy, stop feeling that way and start enjoying free premium with us.

email-aqua-mail-mod-apk download

 What are highlight features of Email Aqua Mail MOD APK?

It has a similar app interface to the official one and is a comfortable Android app to download and install by default on any Android smartphone. However, because it is a little less formal than the official one, it gives you all the benefits stated below without charge:

Utilize countless accounts

Here, we’re giving you access to the most well-known feature of the Email Aqua Mail official software, which is the Unlimited Email Accounts, which is normally sold for a high price.

If you use the official app for free, you may find it irritating that you are only permitted to utilize one email address. But Email Aqua Mail enables you to use your premium subscription, allowing you to access any number of accounts from a single interface, which is fantastic.

Mailing without delay

The world is full of interruptions. Everything we use today, even an internet connection, initially requires monetization from us in a common method, i.e., online video commercials.

We found it annoying to see the Dream11 and OctaFX web advertisements while performing certain necessary duties. The MOD should get rid of all of those obnoxious adverts. There is no limit to the number of emails you can send, and you are free to use as many accounts as you choose.

300+ practical setting

Without disclosing the information about the 300+ more options you can access for free inside of Email Aqua Mail MOD APK’s privileged interface, revealing all of the features is still insufficient.

You may make quick judgments and obtain swift results by using the extra capabilities provided here, such as SSL hardening, SSL certificate tracking, Smart Folder, Contacts, Calendar Add-On, PDF Saving, Backup, email IDs, remove folders, and permanently delete.

Take away the promo signature

If you’ve never utilized a third-party email service provider (ESP), allow me to tell you about their major drawback that they employ to attract subscribers to their premium plans: PROMO SIGNATURES.

They would send a brand promotion signature along with every email you sent if you used the free subscription offered by the official Email Aqua Mail app. The only way to completely remove this demerit for free is by using the mod version.

download email-aqua-mail-mod-apk  


If you use email as your primary method of communication, Email Aqua Mail MOD APK should be installed on your Android device. By clicking the above download link and installing it to your device, you can try all of its 300+ features right away.


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