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YouTube Premium APK Mod brings amazing online multimedia sharing via video. Download for free Red for student and family phones in %currentyear% the latest version.

  • Premium Unlocked


YouTube Premium APK is a free, modified version of the app released by a third-party developer for the Android operating system. Compared to the original YouTube Premium app, now you don’t have to pay monthly subscription fees anymore, you get to experience everything on the world’s largest video viewing platform for free. Coming to YouTube Premium APK you can enjoy all the videos with exclusive content and much more, let’s explore it right below!

Since 2015, YouTube starts to offer a premium membership paid by the month. This premium subscription can improve a lot of the service experience with interesting features. In the YouTube app on mobile devices, for instance, users can let videos playing in the background while performing other activities.

Discover the outstanding features of YouTube Premium APK

In the past, it was very difficult for you to use the YouTube premium version because of the limitations set by the publisher and had to pay monthly. But now there is YouTube Premium APK to help you remove that easily!

Enjoy 3 outstanding features in YouTube Premium APK

The features of YouTube Premium APK are huge, but first, we want to mention the best 3. I am sure that after you just read the following 3 features, you will download YouTube Premium in no time!

1. No ads & Plays in the background

  • No ads

YouTube Premium APK has a better experience than normal YouTube because it does not have any interruptions by ads before and during videos. You will only see third-party banner or search engine sponsored advertisements with this service, which makes for an even more satisfying viewing session! You can enjoy ad-free videos across all devices and platforms where you sign in with your Google Account—including on compatible smart TVs/gaming consoles, the YouTube Music app if it’s available in your location as well as mobile apps such as Youtube Kids.

  • Plays in the background

YouTube Premium APK on a mobile device is where you can find tons of videos for any occasion. The background play feature allows users to continue watching their favorite YouTube Music or YouTube Kids shows even while they are using other apps, which makes YouTube totally worth it! Customize background play on/off You can have videos play in the background on your mobile YouTube Premium APK app when you’re signed into a Premium account. By default, all of them will be playing unless they specify otherwise and it’s easy enough for anyone to turn this feature off if desired! To customize this feature please follow the steps:

  1. Open the app YouTube Premium APK and go to settings
  2. Select “Background Play” and scroll the “Background and Download” section
  3. Then will display options for you to customize:
  • Default mode: You will choose “Always on” the video will play continuously in the background (or always off if not needed).
  • Headphone play and speakerphone mode: Background play is available only in case when you connect headphones and speakers with external audio output.

YouTube Premium Apk free download

2. Download videos

With this feature of YouTube Premium APK, you can download Unlimited Videos and Playlists to watch offline whenever you want, especially when you can’t connect to the internet. This feature applies to all devices you are using, use it in YouTube Music or YouTube Kids, very convenient!

How to download YouTube Premium APK videos:

  1. Open YouTube Premium APK to start watching videos on the device you are using.
  2. Notice the “Download” button located just below the video player and tap it.
  3. Once the download is complete, watch the video in the library section of your account.
  4. If you no longer like the video, you can delete it easily.

How to set video quality before downloading: If you want to change the default quality for downloading videos, go into Settings and select Download Quality under “Background & Downloads.” Higher-quality videos may take longer to download and use more storage space on your device. Note: If you have less than 5% of your device available for storage, downloading additional videos will not be possible. To free up space on an Android or iOS device try uninstalling a downloaded playlist or video from earlier this month before trying again with another app/playlist in mind!

3. Unlimited use of YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Premium APK not only watches videos but also allows users to access YouTube Music Premium, which is a benefit that you deserve in YouTube Premium APK. Using YouTube Music Premium, you can:

  1. Listen to free online millions of music combined with vivid videos completely ad-free
  2. In addition, you can also download songs and videos to your device for offline enjoyment wherever you are.
  3. Enable background play to play continuously while you use other apps.
  4. Use audio separation to listen without displaying the video.

YouTube Premium Apk techtodown

Discover YouTube Premium APK Latest Added Features

YouTube Premium APK converges the above 3 outstanding features that make users download immediately! But there are many other attractive new added features that you don’t want to miss:

  • It does what the traditional app did, only better and without ads. This in itself will greatly improve your viewing experience.
  • You will be able to click a single button if you want to play YouTube videos in the background of your phone.
  • The premium app comes in the form of pop-up videos. This will allow you to work on your doctorate in physics. dissertation while listening to the last films of Sunny Leone.
  • You will be able to switch between two modes: dark and white when watching movies
  • You can turn on and off annotations and suggestion cards on videos
  • This will give you hours of uninterrupted video viewing. It is compatible with Android 4.3 and above devices
  • It works in parallel with the traditional application
  • You can enjoy the app even if your Android phone does not have the root access option.

And yet, here you will get 3 more outstanding features of the YouTube MOD Apk version:

1. Dark mode

If you use youtube, you will also get dark mod if you use YouTube MOD Apk, you can turn on the dark mode option, then you can use it, your device background will be a dark touch, your back -plan You can black YouTube which is why it is most used, it gives the best look to make the video awesome.

2. Pop-up window

This option is called multitasking, which you can usually do when you activate videos while playing videos on YouTube, on your smartphone, for example, if you are watching videos or movies, on full screen. When you click on the open window, your screen will become smaller and you will be able to do other work on the same device. This means that you are using the internet and you will also be able to watch videos, so a small screen is created and at the same time you can watch videos and record movies and also finish your work. This is a very good option, which occurs in the Youtube Mod APK.

3. No routing required

To install this premium mod apk you don’t need routing, you will be able to get all the services without root routing youtube mod apk, so definitely use it.

Tutorial How to download and install YouTube Premium APK

After discovering all the amazing features that YouTube Premium has to offer, now it’s time to download the YouTube Premium MOD Apk version for your Android mobile devices. For those of you who have never used this version and do not know how to install it, please follow these steps:

  1. To download YouTube Premium APK you need to click (Go to the download page: TechToDown
  2. As soon as you click this download button you will be taken to another page and please wait patiently for about 5 seconds.
  3. Now you will get MOD apk files for you to choose to download.
  4. As soon as you finish the download like this, you need to install the MOD APK file, just click on it, and enable unknown sources by going to unknown sources settings before installing.
  5. Now you can feel free to install the APK file. Then now you need to download a premium YouTube mod apk.
  6. On this page you have to download the YouTube Premium APK file, you can do as you like, Light and Dark Mode, Black Mode. Download them however you want.
  7. Immediately after downloading, you can install it directly. The installation is very simple, as you have already installed the APK file above, you can install it in the same way.
  8. Now YouTube Premium Mod APK has been successfully installed on your Android device. Now you can fully enjoy it by watching any video or downloading it.

YouTube Premium Apk latesr version


Without a doubt, YouTube Premium is worth owning. In addition to the original version on Google Play, the selection of the modified version of YouTube Premium APK at the TechToDown site is completely qualified and safe for Android user devices!

Answer FAQs

How much does YouTube Premium cost?

The full price for a YouTube Premium membership is $11.99 per month. It costs £11.99 in the United Kingdom. The Family plan charges $17.99 per month, while the student plan charges $6.99 per the same period of time.

What is the Difference between YouTube Red and YouTube Premium?

YouTube Red was the predecessor of the present paid version of the video-sharing platform. It offered users the possibility to watch ad-free videos and access YouTube Originals. It charged around $10 per month. Not much changed, features such as the offline download and the background play were already available. The only important difference was on YouTube Music, not provided for YouTube Red.

Are there any Advantages for Content Creators on YouTube Premium?

The YouTube Premium subscription does not enhance the content creators’ advantages. It only focuses on the consumers’ experience. Signing for it will not get you more subscribers nor will give you more tools for it.



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