Videoleap Mod Apk 1.30.0 (Pro, Paid Features Unlocked)

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Jul 27, 2021
May 30, 2024
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MOD Info?

Videoleap Mod Apk is a video creation application that allows you to create short, editable videos. You can add many effects and features to your videos!

  • Unlocked Premium


Do you want to create short, editable videos? Videoleap Mod Apk is the perfect application for you! This app allows you to add many effects and features to your video. The pro version of this app includes a lot of cool features that are not seen in the free version- such as no watermark or ads. If you’re looking for a way to make professional videos on your phone, then download Videoleap Mod Apk today!

Description of Videoleap Mod Apk

Video creation application that allows you to create short editable videos. You can add many effects and features to your videos! Videoleap Pro Unlocked is a powerful video editing application that feels easy to use and familiar to users. The interface of Videoleap is designed with simple tools sliding below the timeline which are “small but mighty” assistants transforming your videos. Video Effects: Adjusting brightness levels, contrast, saturation, etc., adding glow or rotating an image at 360° (with both horizontal and vertical rotation), inverting colors for night vision effect; being able to set any color as background; applying filters like Sketchy Ink or Retro Pixel; changing frame rates


Easy to use

Tap on a video you just imported from your media gallery to see the toolbar. If you’re used to using photo editing apps, you’ll immediately recognize some of these options. Filters add vibrant colors and effects, and the Adjust feature helps you tweak everything from Videoleap Mod Apk’s many different aspects like exposure or contrast for example. Just like with photo editing, all it takes is a small change to make videos more impressive! The Quick Edit Toolbar If there are only basic changes needed in your video – such as adding text overlays or changing its speed up/slow down- then tap on More Editing Tools to reveal the Quick Edit Toolbar at the bottom of the app.

Mix videos with photos

The Mixer tool is perfect for making a video with the same background as your photo. But there are some things to be aware of:

  • The clip you use must have a transparent background in order to work well. Choose one that has an even light and not too much detail behind it, like sky or grass. If you try using one with trees or buildings, they will show up on top of everything else.
  • It’s best if both clips share the same aspect ratio (length vs height). Otherwise, when you overlay them together it can create strange lines at certain points where they meet – this effect is known as “combining artifacts” because they look like teeth from combing two pieces of hair.
  • You should keep a little space between the two clips so they don’t overlap too much, which can cause problems like flickering or lines in the video.
  • Videoleap Mod Apk also has some built-in features for smoothing out any areas that are problematic – you just need to make sure your clips have good quality before overlaying them together. This is handy if you want to combine more than two clips as well!


Various effects

Transform your video with a prism effect. The edge of the subject will be highlighted in an interesting way, and you’ll have something that is totally different than what most people are doing! Videoleap has many other effects to choose from as well: Unique film grain effects such as noise or retro film grain which will give your videos a unique feeling; color correction filters for when you want to make sure colors are perfect before exporting them to share on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram; transitions if you don’t want to fade between clips but instead go directly into another scene by fading out one clip while highlighting the next one.

Video Output Quality

Videoleap Mod Apk supports HD video output, up to 1080P and even more, resolutions can be used in the future. For normal video editors, after the import and export process, the resolution is often reduced, causing the frames to be broken and no longer clear. But now, with Enlight Videoleap, it is no longer a problem. The products that Lightricks brings have never been of poor quality or have been reported by users as a bad experience. In addition, it does not have watermarks to mark copyright; you can easily share post-production videos with friends and show off your professional editing skills!

Benefits of Videoleap Mod Apk

Video editing tools that are easy to use. -You can customize your videos with fun effects and features like stickers, filters, transitions. You have an unlimited number of possible combinations for making a video! The only thing you need is creativity. The frames in this application are absolutely free unlike other applications so it’s easier to create short videos without additional fees or charges. This makes it much better than some expensive applications out there because now you don’t have any hidden costs after downloading the app! It has many templates from which you can choose one if things go wrong at first time when creating new content on this app. It has a very nice interface that’s easy to use, even for beginners who have never used an app like this before! It doesn’t take much time and effort in order to learn the basics of video editing with Videoleap Mod Apk because it is so simple and user-friendly.


Download Videoleap MOD APK

Videoleap MOD APK is a modded version of the apk application. The difference between Videoleap Mod Apk and the regular app is that video effects, music, transitions are unlocked in this modded copy. This means you can choose from over 100 filters for your videos or add any song to your project as an overlay (such as instrumental songs), etc…). The most important thing about Videoleap MOD APK is that it does not have ads on its interface as other apps do. You get access to all features only after paying once so there are no more worries about annoying ads popping up every now and then! If you want an ad-free experience where you don’t need an internet connection for uploads, Videoleap MOD APK is the best decision for you! Videoleap Mod Apk does not require an internet connection to upload videos. You can also customize your video project with many effects and features like filters, transitions, music, etc. All these things are unlocked in this modded copy of Videoleap so there’s no need to spend more than $0.99 on it since everything needed is already available!


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