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For Android phone users, Playstore is the most important part and can’t be omitted. When your Android phone does not have this feature, it is recommended that you download the Google Play Store APK.

Why should you download the Play Store first? Because by using this app you can get everything you need on your Android phone. One of them is to easily download applications or games.

A Little History About Playstore

Since the emergence of Android phones a few years ago, Playstore is not been immediately there to bridge all needs. If you want to download an app or game, you’ll need to do it on a developer or other network site. Seeing the development of Android that continues to advance, the world internet giant Google wants to provide additional security to its use. One way to do this is to collect all digital content including applications and games in one place, namely Playstore.


Before it had the Playstore name and was released in 2012, we knew this supporting application like Google Play. But as time goes by and the amount of content in it, the name changes to match the content in it.

Currently, Playstore has grown very rapidly. Most games and applications already support this feature for purchasing items or paying for premium features. In addition, this application is also used to buy digital books and movies. Because it is used as a security element, all-new phones with the Android operating system will have the Playstore installed in them. If you buy a cellphone and there is no play store in it, the bonsai may be a black market type or an old one.

Functions of Playstore

Playstore has quite a lot of functions that can be used by all Android users. You could say this application is the heart of the Android operating system that cannot be removed for any reason. If you still feel safe with the functions of the Playstore, read more below.

1. Download game

One of the most used functions of the Playstore is downloading games. By using this feature you can easily download all the games you like. The latest games can be found here and played for free.

Some of the games on the Playstore are also premium. It is possible that games made by Square Enix must be purchased first before they can be downloaded.


2. Download the app

Downloading any type of application can also be done through the Playstore. Applications for health, productivity, even online motorcycle taxi applications can be found there.

3. Buy ebooks

Various types of premium ebooks can also be found there. The price tends to be cheaper than physical books. Generally, there will be a discount given by the manufacturer so you can save more when buying it.

4. Buy or rent movies

How many types of films can also be found there. You can buy or rent movies according to your needs. So, if there is a movie that has not been watched, you can download it there directly.

5. Doing updates

Updates of all applications and games downloaded directly using the Playstore can be done there. You can perform the update process automatically if you are connected to Wi-Fi. In addition, manual updates can also be done if you want to get the latest version as quickly as possible.

6. Bridge buy premium content

Currently to buy premium content in games or applications you can use the Playstore. To do this, you can connect your account using a credit card or digital wallet such as Go-pay. You can also top up on Playstore by buying the voucher. Currently, Playstore vouchers are easy to find in all digital applications and minimarkets throughout the USA.

7. Maintain application security

Play Store is not only used as a place to download or buy something. More than that, this application is also used to scan and maintain the security of all applications and mobile phones. Before the application is installed, there will usually be a scanning carried out by anti-virus from the Playstore. This process is done to avoid malware or viruses that cause problems in the application and also carry out illegal processes such as data collection or breaking into.


Playstore APK Download Link

After the important thing to do before you buy an Android phone is to check the Playstore. If this application doesn’t work, it’s a good idea not to buy the credit even though it’s priced quite cheaply. The existence of the Play Store is a guarantee if the pencil is officially produced and not a fake product. However, if you have already bought it, you can download the Playstore APK. Check out the steps below.

  • Search on Google with keywords download Playstore APK.
  • After exiting you can check one by one sharing sites that provide free APKs.
  • Also, check the version from the Playstore they share whether it’s the newest or the older version.
  • Choose the most recent version then download it according to your needs
  • Do the installation when the download is complete.

How to Install Playstore APK

There are two ways you can do to update the Playstore. The first is done manually and the second is done automatically. Generally when the Playstore is installed the system will update without having to give notifications. In the manual method, to update you must first download the Playstore APK. You can see how to download it in the previous discussion. Next for how to install see the steps below.

  1. Make sure to look for the exact Playstore APK download location. Do not use the site carelessly if you cannot ensure its security.
  2. Download until finished Play Store APK. Make sure the downloaded APK file is the most recent version. This needs to be done so that you don’t need to update again after installing.
  3. Open the previously downloaded APK file. Click once to complete the installation.
  4. After the installation is complete you can immediately check on the Home on the Android phone.
  5. If the installation went smoothly you can find the Playstore logo and can open it.

Play Store that has been installed is generally still in plain form. To be able to use it you have to do two things. First, create a Google account first and second login if the account is already owned. Follow the steps for the requested account creation or log in. If the process goes smoothly you will enter the main menu of the Playstore. There will be tabs for apps, games, movies, and books.

Useful Tips for Using Google Play Store

As an Android user, the Play Store is an important part of using a cellphone. However, the Play Store is one of the reference places for downloading applications. Here are some Play Store tips from some of its features. As far as my experience goes, the Play Store hasn’t been the ideal place to download apps or anything else (games, movies, etc.). Some functions are missing. For example, sort by rating. Although that’s understandable because Google wants to give other applications a chance to develop (not just the best ones that keep showing). It should also be understood that the Play Store is a “broad” place. Like a shopping center with various selling items (in this case applications and other digital content). The choice of many features can make people confused. For that, let’s see what Play Store features are interesting. Of course, that can help make it easier for you and your favorite application.

Check if your Play Store app is the latest version

When you change your cellphone whether new or using an old cellphone maybe you doubt whether the Play Store application there is the latest version or not. It’s easy to see.

  • Open the Play Store app,
  • Press the Menu icon [icon name=”bars” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] in the search box (or scroll from the left edge),
  • Go to Settings,
  • Scroll to the bottom, look for the Play Store version,
  • Press several times – a notification will appear up to date when it is the most recent.

Only see appropriate app reviews

Reviews on the Play Store are useful to see if the application is worth installing or not. But app reviews can be overwhelming. Not all based on the latest version or the same device that we are using.   Well, you can sort and filter the existing reviews. On the respective application page, swipe down from the screen. Press the ‘ Read All Reviews ‘ option. Then under the rating statistics, you can choose on the left button to see the highest-rated review, the latest review, or the most helpful review. While on the right button for review options for the latest application version and from the device model you are using.

Bookmark apps to install later

There are times when you find an interesting application or game. But the size is quite large and requires Wi-Fi. Well, before finding an adequate Wi-Fi connection, first enter the application or game into the wishlist. When you have found good Wi-Fi, just open the wishlist and download the application in question.   It’s very easy. Tap the [icon name=”bookmark-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] bookmark icon next to the app name. To view it, press the Menu button [icon name=”bars” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] and select wishlist .

Not adding new app icons on the home screen

If you’re one of those people who don’t like new app icons appearing on the Home Screen and don’t want to bother deleting them, don’t worry. There is a way (well, if you don’t use a certain launcher ).   Go to the Settings page in the Play Store. Scroll down until you find the ‘ Add icon to Home Screen ‘ option. Turn off ( un-check ) the selection box.

Turn off auto-update of certain apps

We have already discussed how to turn off auto-updates for Android applications. But that time what we discussed was for all applications and games. But maybe you just want to turn off auto-updates for certain apps.   Please open the relevant application page in the Play Store. If it’s an old app (the one on your phone), look in Menu > My Apps & Games > Installed. If you just installed it, just look at the application page. Press the ellipsis [icon name=”ellipsis-v” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] button in the top right corner. Then turn off the auto-update option (cool language: un-tick ????).

See the apps you’ve installed

Throughout your history of using Android phones, you must have tried many applications. There is also a possibility that you are using another cellphone. Well, you may want to install an application that you have installed before.   To see a list of applications that you have used but not yet on this phone, look in My Apps & Games, then look at the Library tab. Voila!

Finding Google Play Services Apps

Not all apps appear in the Play Store. Some Google system apps don’t show up there. One of them is Google Play Services. But don’t worry. There is a way to find it.   Just search for Google Play Services on Google (yes yes…). Later suggestions will appear from the Play Store. Choose the correct app (from Google LLC), and you’ve found it.


After knowing how to download Playstore APK and install it, you can use this app according to your needs. Can be used to download certain apps or games to play every day. In general, Playstore is installed fine on new Android phones. Except for black market phones, this app is usually not available so you have to install it manually. That way, all items on Android can be downloaded easily. No matter what kind of Android phone you have, you should download the Playstore from the official place. If you carelessly download from there, there is often a fear that there will be a virus or malware in it.

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