University Empire Tycoon MOD APK 1.19 (Unlimited Money)

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Mar 17, 2021
Mar 28, 2024
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Download University Empire Tycoon MOD APK lastest version for Android. Become the best dean. The whole university will be under your control.

  • Unlimited Money (increase when you spent)


Are you ready to take on the challenge of managing your own university? University Empire Tycoon MOD APK is a challenging simulation game that will have you building up your university into an empire. You are in charge of everything from choosing what classes to offer, hiring faculty members and balancing the budget. The only limit is your imagination!


About University Empire Tycoon

University is undoubtedly a location where everyone wants to go to pursue their education. A bright future awaits those with the time and financial resources to finish college. Have you ever considered becoming a rector yourself? University Empire Tycoon – Idle Management Game will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the challenges you’ll face as a rector. The ultimate objective of an idle game is to become wealthy. Players must also put their skills to the test in order to conduct business based on American citizenship education demands in this game. This is a learning institution, yet it takes money to maintain growth over time. Your goal as director of this educational institution is to educate top pupils and improve the school’s reputation. The more students you train, the more tuition you will receive. In addition, making students happy is another approach to boost tuition costs.


Manage Your School

Whether you’re still in school or not, we all have our own thoughts about education. Sure, it’s a place to learn, but there are other things we can get out of it as well. We make new friends, learn about various topics, and have a lot of enjoyable activities while attending school. What if you were in control of your own institution? How would you go about achieving that objective? Prepare to take on the role of dean of your institution in University Empire Tycoon! You’ll be in command of things like increasing your university and adding structures. Here, you may give students with the greatest facilities possible, recruit a large number of teachers and other personnel, and offer a variety of courses! The aim is to make your school as well-known as possible so that more pupils choose to enroll. You have lots of options when it comes to managing employees, improving buildings, expanding classrooms, and so on. You may also personalize your school’s design to make it more appealing to students! Finally, you may compete in internet competitions to be included in the listings!


Highlights of University Empire Tycoon

Do you have what it takes to go back to school immediately? No, instead of returning as a student, you will become the owner of your own company!

  • Manage A University – At the end of the day, private schools are still a business. If you’ve always dreamt of owning your own school and establishing your own regulations, this is your chance! In University Empire Tycoon, you may become the single decision-maker as you strive to expand your campus and attract many students to enroll. In this game, there are a variety of techniques for improving the student’s educational experience. You can use your expertise to help teachers, janitors, office workers, and others while managing the school as a whole. Then, you may grant scholarships and provide the greatest learning experience ever by listening to their demands. They will pay their tuition so you may earn more money that you may reinvest in the institution! This is a fun idle game that allows you to make money while sleeping.
  • Expand your campus – You’ll need to upgrade the facility at each of these schools if you want your star rating to increase. Here, taking care of the institution properly and increasing its status are your top priorities. To do this, you may construct more classrooms, facilities, leisure zones, student organizations, and faculty lounges. You can also improve the basketball courts’ facilities and a lot more! The more money you put into the school, the more it will help you make! Take charge of things at your institution wisely in order to rise higher!
  • Hire staff – The school’s most vital components are the personnel. You may hire the top teachers, builders, cleaners, office employees, and more! To encourage students to achieve success, you’ll need talented instructors. This portion is extremely important, so you’ll have to put in a lot of effort. Then there are various instructional programs including Chemistry, Engineering, Medical school, Maths, Law, Philosophy, Physics,…
  • Participate in online competitions – You may also compete in internet competitions with other universities all around the world. Join online competitions to show your university’s standing! Establish yourself as a top institution that students will want to pay money to attend. You can improve your ranking and build the finest school possible here!
  • Make idle money – School, in the end, is just a business. To obtain the most money, you must do everything possible! To get your funds back, try investing in things that are worth it!

Final words

Do you want to start your own university right now? In University Empire Tycoon, you may manage your institution with limitless cash.


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