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Mar 27, 2024
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Download Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK – Become the chief of a police station and bring criminal activities in your city to complete silence!

  • Unlimited Money (Money during purchases never decrease)


Become the chief of a police station and bring criminal activities in your city to complete silence! Idle Police Tycoon is an Android game that will let you manage your own police station. You can hire new agents, upgrade their skills, organize patrols, and more. The best thing about this game is that it’s completely free! Download now for hours of entertainment with Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK on your phone or tablet without paying anything.


Introduce about Idle Police Tycoon

In our society, there are people who protect us and keep the peace. They must be many of them in order to close the necessary distance between where they need to patrol or maintain law enforcement duties. But how can one become a police chief? Idle Police Tycoon will teach you all about it when we simulate what managing an entire headquarters entails from hiring officers, building facilities for both cops and criminals alike as well as dealing with advanced analytics that may arise over time which could change your strategy entirely! To become the chief, you must first go through a series of tests. In order to advance your way up in rank and prestige, each task will be tougher than the last one!


Build facilities for cops

With an high crime rate happening in Idle Police Tycoon, it’s important that officers are safe when on duty so they have access to buildings such as hospitals which can heal them after combat or even prisons where criminals await their sentence time. It is also vital that a police station exists because this building serves as headquarters for any law enforcer who needs instructions from his boss about what to do next! If there is no space available at the moment then only hire more officers later with better salaries if possible. But remember: Even though this isn’t a crime-fighting game, it’s still important to keep the city as safe as possible for citizens.


There are many different types of cops in Idle Police Tycoon and they’re all great at their own job but some have more responsibilities than others. For example, detective officers need certain facilities such as forensic labs close by so that they can do investigations (reasons include finding fingerprints or DNA evidence) which is vital when trying to solve crimes! On the other hand, patrolman only need parking lots and hospitals nearby since these two buildings help them stay alive longer while on duty doing their jobs even better with faster response times. Plus if you want your police station look like headquarters then make sure there is an office nearby so that you can pay higher taxes and produce more income in the long-term.


How to Play Idle Police Tycoon

Click on an icon of a building to start constructing it – Tap anywhere inside your city screen to place buildings, roads or citizens To sell any item tap on it then select “sell” from the menu which will appear at bottom right corner of your phone’s display! You’ll get money for selling anything even if its just small unimportant items like paving slabs. Selling them is also important when you want to make room for other structures because there are limited spaces available. – The most valuable resource in Idle Police tycoon game is time so always try not do things too slowly! For example, if you need to buy a building, don’t just wait for it. Build new buildings and roads first then sell them before buying anything! Idle Police Tycoon is an idle game where you can manage your own police station. You’ll be able to construct everything from the ground up – beginning by simply placing paving slabs on empty land and see how they grow into offices or other structures that will bring in more money! As time passes, this management sim will escalate as players are required to hire people with specific skillsets in order to clear crime off their streets and keep the city safe! You’ll need to do everything from laying roads and building houses, offices, schools or other structures that will eventually give you enough money for a police station. Once your station is complete, hire cops with specific skillsets in order to clear crime off its streets and bring peace back into this once beautiful city! Idle Police Tycoon features two different worlds: one where criminals are trying to take over the streets day by day – watch as they gradually climb up in numbers while trying their best not to get caught; another world takes place inside buildings as players work on constructing new facilities such as office towers so there’s more space for staff! In total, there are 30 levels available for players of all skill levels who are just starting out with the game. Building new facilities in Idle Police Tycoon is more challenging than it might seem! Players must keep criminals from entering while trying to complete each task as quickly and efficiently as possible – if you build a room without any exits, chances are players won’t be able to use it because of all the thugs roaming around outside. In addition, building too many general rooms such as offices or holding cells could result in an overflow of staff which would make your station look unorganized and chaotic for visitors! If that isn’t enough, there’s also safety concerns when constructing new buildings within your city: how do we protect our citizens? Crime rates will increase exponentially in areas near construction sites so make sure not to construct anything too close to residential areas. When planning your police station, be mindful of the number and type of rooms you have in order to optimize their efficiency. If you build a room without any exits, chances are players won’t be able to use it because of all the thugs roaming around outside. In addition, building too many general rooms such as offices or holding cells could result in an overflow of staff which would make your station look unorganized and chaotic for visitors! You’ll also need to consider how each room is laid out: do they face inward toward a central corridor? Is there enough space between them so that officers can walk past one another when patrolling hallways? Are corridors wide enough for officers with riot gear while they’re moving around the building? What about room access: do you want to keep your evidence storage in a locked area accessible with security clearance, or is it better off as part of an open lobby where officers can check in and out their weapons? A good rule of thumb when designing your station is that if a player sees too much information on one screen – such as lots of staff locations all shown at once – chances are they’ll get overwhelmed. If many rooms have entrances facing each other, for example, then players might feel like there’s no order to how you’ve arranged them. So think carefully before deciding which way into different areas should face what!

Features of Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK

Unlimited Money: Use our wealth to purchase everything you need in order to be the best. Hire elite staff, including police officers and detectives, so that your business runs smoothly without any back-up or hiccups. Indulging gameplay: Idle Police Tycoon is a beautifully designed game with rich graphics, which makes it easy to get immersed in the gameplay. Hire people: Hire police officers, detectives and other staff to help you run your business. Prestigious building: Get a prestigious office for the company so that it feels like a real business. There are three different buildings with their own unique feel Upgrade everything: Upgrade things as time goes on such as hiring more people and getting new equipment for work in order to increase productivity! Cool graphics: Idle Police Tycoon features graphics that are easy on the eyes, making it a pleasure to play. Customizable game settings: You can customize your own gameplay by setting things like how long you want business hours or work days to be.

Download Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK for Android

Download Idle Police Tycoon Mod APK Free now on your phone! Downloading this game is quick and easy with just one click of a button – why wait? Get going today!

FAQs about Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK

How do I install Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK? Once you have downloaded the game, go to your settings and select “unknown sources.” Then open up the file manager on your phone and find the Idle Police Tycoon which should be in a folder labeled “downloads.” Tap it once to get into that folder, and tap the Idle Police Tycoon MOD APK file to install it. Why am I not getting any money? The game has a timer which you need to wait before collecting your income; if this is happening make sure that there are at least 12 hours in between each time you play! How do I get more money? To make the game easier, you can spend some real world currency to buy a VIP pass. This will give you unlimited daily income and access to better equipment! How do I find out what locations are available for me to purchase? You need 75% of your city’s population to be happy before you can buy any more locations.


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