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Nov 24, 2020
Mar 28, 2024
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Free download TV Empire Tycoon MOD APK, the latest version for Android. Manage your television company. Broadcast, and stream, the best TV shows.

  • Unlimited Money (Money during purchases increases)


TV Empire Tycoon is a fantastic idle simulation game that has captivated players all around the world. You will take part in the work of a manager who is in charge of building a television station in the game. Aside from that, gamers will have a lot of work to do in order to develop business activities or events that will appeal to a wider audience. In the latest version of TV Empire Tycoon Mod APK, you will spend your idle money effectively to earn even more.

TV Empire Tycoon – TV station management game

You not only play as a specific character in TV Empire Tycoon, but you also control a local TV station. However, there will only be a handful of staff initially. Furthermore, your TV networks have a relatively small audience. At this point, you will need to expand the TV by expanding your office and recruiting additional people to keep your work moving forward.


Furthermore, in order to attract viewers, you must perform more TV promotions. The more people that see your videos, the more money you make. Furthermore, players should never allow their money to go to waste. Instead, you should invest to help it flourish. You should utilize your funds to purchase a new office, hire new personnel, or purchase a new network. When you have enough money, you can purchase a new location for the TV station and become more well-known.

What’s special in TV Empire Tycoon APK?

Add many new sections to TV Studio

The player can add many new sections to TV Studio. Of course, this isn’t for the majority of people, but you can still profit from these areas. For a workplace like this, a cafe with an appealing drink selection is a good option. Players can build a variety of structures from the list of options in TV Empire Tycoon.

With planning, you can change your workspace and lessen tension after long periods of time. Make the employees feel at ease and give them more vitality. Only in this manner can they be most productive.

Built multiple programs

Managing a television station involves coming up with a lot of concepts and hosting a lot of game programs. You may make appealing programs about food, news, sports, and other topics. If you have all of the necessary equipment, go ahead and make a lot of programs. You will make a lot of money if they are incredibly stunning and attract a lot of people.


Effective human resource management

The staff of TV Empire Tycoon must be efficient. You can conduct research about the broadcaster’s status in order to hire or terminate employees in accordance with your strategy. Employees having three various capabilities, such as Rising Star, Celebrity, or Star, should be recruited. To be able to collect good staff, you must meet certain game conditions. You can also keep track of the employee’s pay. If your broadcaster is still in development, this is critical. You will not be able to pay a TV celebrity if you hire them in the first place.

Choose the greatest TV channel to rent

You may now improve your reputation among the greatest TV experts. They will accept your TV shows as if you are running a successful business. The TV Programming feature allows players to keep track of their broadcast schedule. You will also notice the timeframe in which you must work in order to get the finest audience.

Players must unlock more Quality Networks with a high share of various news genres in order to improve quality. This will ensure that your broadcaster remains operational and profitable.


Idle function

Even if you are not online, your studio and staff will continue to operate. All you have to do now is set up the task and lay out the strategy, and your team will take care of the rest. Profits continue to rise without you having to spend a lot of time online.

Purchase new equipment

To have a popular TV show that is well-known among the public. It is hard not to invest in new, cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, you must ensure that the employee’s life is useful while at work. High work efficiency is always a result of good working conditions. As a result, players must deduct profits in order to reinvest in the necessary items.


Stunning graphics and sounds

The design of TV Empire Tycoon is very similar to that of various contemporary Idle games. From a top-down perspective, you can see the entire TV station. As a result, you will cover every aspect of employee performance. In addition, characters are automatically assigned to tasks related to their specialization. In order to maintain control, you will not need to be overly emotional.

The visuals and sounds of the TV Empire Tycoon APK are somewhat simple and vibrant making it a very enjoyable entertainment tool.

TV Empire Tycoon Mod APK Latest Version

Unlimited Money

The amount of money you have grows as you use it. Players will have unlimited money when they download the Empire Tycoon Mod APK. Then you will have a lot of money to buy the things you will need to advance your career and the company.

Highlight features

  • Free to download and use.
  • Fast streaming.
  • The flow of consistency.
  • No third-party attention.
  • Send announcements
  • Above too many networks.
  • Easy for customers.
  • Compatible with low-end devices.
  • Your studio will look different as a result of your development plan, and you will be able to organize new fantastic projects.
  • Upgrade all of your items to improve your reputation and become a more advanced TV company.
  • An easy-to-play casual game in which strategic decisions must be made in order to create a corporation that produces profit.
  • Build your empire from the ground up, starting with a little and simple TV, and see your base progress.


You should not miss TV Empire Tycoon if you enjoy TV shows and want to learn more about them. Players will appreciate both Ekip’s efforts before each telecast. On the TECHTODOWN website, you can get TV Empire Tycoon Mod APK to create a variety of helpful programs to attract more viewers.


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