Prison Break: Stickman Story

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Mar 17, 2021
Feb 27, 2024
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Prison Escape: Stickman Adventure is a challenging game where you need to escape from prison without getting caught by the police. You will be given three different solutions, and it’s up to you to choose which one works best for you! It might take some time, but in the end, your freedom is worth it. Don’t forget that Prison Escape: Stickman Adventure MOD APK can help make things easier for you!


Description about Prison Escape: Stickman Adventure

In Prison Escape: Stickman Adventure, you are not a criminal. You spend your time roaming through prisons looking for an escape route! This game is full of interesting twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat as well as challenging puzzles to solve with all sorts of new tools at hand! You have always wanted to be like your idol, Arsene Lupin. You were named after the master of disguises and gentlemanly features because you are trying emulate him in every way possible. With this knowledge it is no surprise that when faced with a challenging scenario such as subduing an officer or escaping from prison; you’ll use intelligence, logic, and creativity to find out what will work best for each individual situation.


Escape From Prison

Have you ever wanted to break out of a prison? If so, then Prison Escape: Stickman Adventure MOD APK might be the game for you! You’ll retrace Arsene Lupin’s steps and use his skills in order to escape from various prisons. The guards won’t know what hit them as they’re too busy paying attention to something else while your mastermind is at work on their breakout plan. In this game, your goal is to escape all the prisons by solving puzzles and escaping. You’ll also need to avoid being seen by guards while you’re doing it or else they will start shooting at you! With some clever thinking, logic, and creativity; this game might just be a one-way ticket out of that maximum security cell block for good. So keep an eye on those patrolling guards because their path may give away potential paths where you can sneak around in order to reach freedom without getting caught – but don’t worry if you do get caught as there are many levels waiting for you with new challenges ahead! There’s no way anyone would want stay locked up inside a small confines like these.

Prison Escape: Stickman Adventure Features

You may have been in prison before, but you’ve never escaped from one. You’ll be thrown into jail with a bunch of bad guys that did some really nasty things to get caught and now they’re stuck there until the end of their sentence. In Prison Escape: Stickman Adventure, it’s up to you – our hero – to escape this place so we can see your story unfold!

  • Dare to Escape: You can’t help but feel sorry for the prisoners who suffer in terrible conditions every day. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to escape from such a place? In Prison Escape: Stickman Adventure, your mission is to get out and never go back! You’ll find lots of creative ways to make that happen while making sure no one catches on. Will you manage not only just escaping prison, but also life itself?
  • Make Your Choice: You’re pretty good at this whole escaping thing, but you can’t just keep running away every time there’s trouble. A prison escape is no easy feat! In Prison Escape: Stickman Adventure, it will be up to you – the one and only hero of our story – to decide how best to get out of that jail cell they call a home (and from life itself!). Will you find your way through with stealth? It might take some clever thinking on your part; or maybe guns blazing isn’t what we need right now…
  • Obey The Rules!: You may not know it yet, but breaking rules could put you back in prison faster than anything else. But don’t worry too much about following them too strictly either because there are many ways to break rules that won’t get you caught.
  • A Simply Addictive Gameplay: Prison Escape: Stickman Adventure is a great game for those who enjoy puzzles to solve, and we’ve made our gameplay both fun and challenging. There are dozens of levels that will keep you entertained while trying to figure out your way home!
  • A New Experience Every Time: With so many different ways to escape prison, it’s unlikely that the next time you play this stick-figure adventure game won’t feel just as exciting as the last one.
  • Exciting Animation and Graphics: This game relies on 2D graphics and animation to tell its story. The graphics are crisp and clear, making the game a joy to play for people of any age!
  • Many Levels: There are currently over 60 levels to explore in Prison Escape: Stickman Adventure. This might start off as a simple puzzle game, but it quickly becomes addicting!


Prison Escape: Stickman Adventure is an addicting game that will keep you guessing. Every time you escape prison, it’s a new experience! So, download this game now and start to escape!


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