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Sonic Forces Mod Apk – latest version (Speed/God Mode). 100% Working for smartphones, tablets, and more Android devices. Download now at Techtodown



Information about Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces is a game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega in 2017. The game has been officially released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with three attractive game modes:

  • Classic Mode: This is the classic side-scrolling gameplay similar to the original Sega Genesis Sonic games.
  • Modern Mode: True to its name, “Modern”. This is a 3D gameplay similar to Sonic Unleashed (2008) and Sonic Colors (2010).
  • Avatar Mode: In this mode, players are allowed to customize their characters to best suit them.

Enjoyable and colorful characters

Sonic Forces takes players to an exciting race at the speed of light. You will be any character with a personal color. Your skill and ingenuity are very evident in the race itself. Make use of all your skills and speed to defeat your opponent easily. – The game allows you to choose any character to incarnate. Sonic the Dog, Hedgehog, Cat or Bird or Rabbit, you can be whoever you like.

Each Sonic species will bring its advantage that you may like. If Bird can jump very high over obstacles, Rabbit has a faster and smoother running speed. Choose for yourself a character’s strength that best suits your race.

“Bloody” race with simple gameplay

On the tracks at the speed of light, the player can do anything but stop. You can crash into other players as you run or overcome obstacles. In the process of attacking enemies, players have the opportunity to collect weapons along the way such as Mines, Lightning, Fireballs, Tornadoes. The Sonic Forces game has hectic gameplay. To choose a weapon to defeat the enemy, the player just needs to touch the screen to control the character from left to right to dodge obstacles and click. What the player only needs to do is aim or maintain his sonic running speed. The following things will be done by the system so don’t worry about that.

So how to become the winner in this “bloody” war? The winner will be the one who finishes the fastest with a super speed Sonic. Players can upgrade their Sonic with the cumulative increase in each scene. Your Sonic can be equipped with combat accessories, change weapons and even increase the speed of skills. You only get points as you play and the more you play the more points you get. The game will become more bloody when every player’s cell is burned. Because everyone wants to win to the extreme with the title of “the fastest finisher”. Sonic Forces deserves to be the most attractive PvP adventure racing game on the mobile platform.

Sonic Forces Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Winding track and ambiguous obstacles

You need to remember that you are participating in a game with the most adventurous track. Sonic Forces APK requires you to be a skillful and talented player to reach the finish line easily. The adventure of the track that the player always feels “sweating” is the vague obstacles on the winding track. Players need to be very careful with traps because they are everywhere, in all shapes and colors. The characters in the game all run at rocket speed. Therefore, it is very difficult for players to dodge and identify obstacles, even they cannot see those obstacles. It is this dizzying speed that makes players feel like they want to be conquered and want to win more than ever. To increase survivability as well as ensure the safety of the player’s life in Sonic Forces, in addition to the task of running to the finish line, you need to continuously collect gold rings. You should remember that death will come at any time when you collide with obstacles.

Beautiful 3D graphics and vivid sound

What makes Sonic Forces an epic game and increasingly attractive to players is the success of the 3D graphics system. Characters are meticulously designed with standard shapes that are very clear and sharp. The attraction of super lovable characters has made the game not mixed with other games of the same genre.

The context of the game is very diverse with many beautiful viewing angles and colors. The races you participate in can be a roller coaster rolling in all directions, a mysterious forest, or even a protected area in the sky. The element that contributes to the game is realistic and makes the player experience the best we cannot ignore the sound effects. The sound is interjected when you get a golden ring, speed up, or get hit by a bullet filled with adventure.

sonic forces mod apk download

Sonic Forces MOD APK Latest Version

The MOD version has interesting features that you should not miss when you want to experience Sonic Forces APK on your device.

  • Unlimited money: This feature helps you not to be too pressured when you want to upgrade weapons for your character. Your character will be upgraded to equip combat accessories, change weapons, and even increase the speed of skills.
  • Increase speed: Your sonic running speed will not be inferior to any character in the game. The speed factor plays a crucial part in your race. The fast movement speed will make the PvP adventure racing game more attractive than ever.
  • No ads: Players will not be distracted or lose their emotions because of annoying ads when they are experiencing the Sonic Forces MOD APK. No gamer does not like this feature.
  • Start with 100 rings: If your character in the game needs to complete the task and reach the finish line as quickly as possible to get the gold ring, the MOD version will give you 100 rings as soon as you join the game. Players will no longer be too worried when accidentally bumping into an obstacle. You will have more chances to survive and revive when you have hundreds of rings.

How to download the Sonic Forces MOD APK version

The game is now officially available on the mobile platform, so do not ignore this opportunity! If you follow our step-by-step instructions, you will experience the most super-fast and cute characters in the Sonic Forces APK series.

  • 1st step: You should download the APK and OBB files of Sonic Forces MOD APK on your phone.
  • 2nd step: Change your settings in the same way as the following sequence as shown in the illustration:

Settings -> Security ->Unknown Sources.

  • 3rd step: Start to install the recently downloaded files on your device.
  • 4th step: Click to the“start to play the game” symbol when the installing process is complete.
  • 5th step: Enjoy playing the Sonic Forces MOD APK with many premium features right on your smartphone.

Sonic Forces MOD APK is all that gamers need in a super-fast game with multiplayer racing. If you also love and are interested in this game from SEGA publisher, please click on the link below this article to download it right away.


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