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But what about the battles on spaceships in space, you ask? That’s exactly where this game will take place! Come join your friends for an exciting time playing Galaxy Invaders MOD APK. With its engaging graphics and sound effects, it promises not only to be fun but also educational too so make sure that when school starts back up again after winter break don’t forget all about downloading these amazing games right away before they run out!!

Galaxy Invaders Mod Apk

Introducing Galaxy Invaders

The early 2000s saw a rise in the number of sci-fi video games. The genre has been around for quite some time, but it was not until George Lucas’s Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope that people were raiding their closets to find old game consoles and start playing once again! OneSoft released Galaxy Invaders on September 11, 2020. The game received more than 10 million downloads and held a rating of 4.5 with countless reviews that were positive overall due to its success so far in such little time after release!

Galaxy Invaders Mod Apk

Learn about the Conspiracy

In a time of great advancement, humans have discovered new worlds in space. They are now able to break through the barriers between us and be one with our galaxy! In this futuristic story set more than 50 years from now on Earth, people can travel beyond its atmosphere thanks largely due technological advances which allow them to travel further into outer space than ever before imagined. The people of Earth have assembled to defend their planet from the invading spaceships and evil creatures. With help from other dimensions, they’ve created a space army with one mission: destroy those alien vessels! The game will transport you to the stars in an epic space combat adventure. You’ll play as a talented soldier fighting against enemies to destroy them and bring peace throughout the galaxy!

Galaxy Invaders Mod Apk

Learn Gameplay

Galaxy Invaders is a game with the same gameplay as Chicken Invaders. It was released in 1985 and still retains its original mechanics for children to enjoy, even though it has been more than two decades since then! But this time, unlike in the original game when playing on PC was to use a mouse and navigate with it. Now all you need is just touch your finger around the screen to control that spacecraft while avoiding enemy fire; at least until they attack! You can also collect gold coins which allow players like yourself to upgrade their weapons in various ways including changing ammo types or increasing power levels by picking up Power-ups floating around out there among space debris – not too far away either so stay alert!” You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for those red pickups because they will give you the power and ability to take out any enemy in sight. The first few levels are easy, but as soon as a boss appears with high health and tons of ammo, things get tough!

Galaxy Invaders Mod Apk

Fight with hundreds of different enemies

You will meet countless types of alien monsters with different shapes, accompanied by their spaceships. From low-level monsters to elite armies to giant bosses all have a unique look and special skills for your player.

Option Attractive modes

Galaxy Invaders is a challenging space shooter that has different modes of play. The Campaign mode challenges you with each level, but there are other interesting ones like Endless Mode or Hard Mode for those who want more spice in their life! New addition coming soon will be PvP battles between friends so everyone can get together and have some fierce competition to it out on the battlefields once again.

Upgrade your Spaceship

With over 8 ships in total, you can battle across many unique spaceships with their skills and powers. As the publishers update more modern vessels for us to use as well they promise there will always be something new to play around with!

Galaxy Invaders Mod Apk

Realistic graphics

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is an old-school arcade-style shooting game that originally launched on the Nintendo Switch in 2017. Despite its vintage graphics, this shooter has been given a new lease of life with improved visuals and more modern weapons for players to use against enemies. The music in the game is also extremely attractive when playing with a retro style. The sound effects and soundtrack of this 80’s-inspired space fight, make it feel like you’re there. The nostalgic sounds from our favorite games are always perfect for those moments where we want to be transported back into another period or just relax after some hard work on an assignment!


Galaxy Invaders is an old-school space shooter game in which you control galactic defense fleets. Shoot down aliens to protect your galaxy from their attacks! Get the free MOD APK here, then download it onto your phone so that when someone asks “Are we alone?”, all they have to do is tap on their screen and blast away at some bad guys while feeling like STAR WARS HEROES!!!


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