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Ice Scream 5 is a horror game in which players attempt to free Mike’s friends and try to escape from Rod and mini-Rod. They can interact with their surroundings to discover clues and necessary items. Ice Scream 5 Mod APK also introduces new mechanics, weapons, and enemies for players to learn in order to complete the level. You will have unforgettable experiences. Try it right now!

What’s special in Ice Scream 5 APK?

Ice Scream 5 APK takes you through the areas of Rod’s ice cream factory, which are both exciting and terrifying. You will try to free your friends who have previously been kidnapped and will contact J to switch control roles.

There are numerous valuable items to assist you in solving the game’s puzzles, and you will need to find a way to escape from the game’s new enemies.


Horror experiences play out in front of the player’s eyes as they try to leave Rod’s factory:

  • Players will move around Rod’s factory, trying to find a way to save friends from him by exploring and discovering vital clues.
  • When you go to the communication area, the game gives you a mechanism to switch characters, and you must do a lot of things in this game.
  • Because you cannot fight them directly, the experience in this game is stealthy, and new enemies appear.
  • The mini-Rod is the new enemy, and they make things extremely difficult because they can recognize and announce your location to Rod.
  • There are numerous ways to avoid their detection, such as hiding or using powerful items such as an electro gun.

What makes Ice Scream 5 enjoyable?

Engaging plot

The plot of Ice Scream 5 continued the events of the previous season when Mike’s friends were freed from Rod’s cage. However, the escape did not go as planned because Rod arrived on time and took them all back to his ice cream factory. So, you and Mike will try to find new friends and go on another rescue mission. Sure, you will have to be careful not to attract the attention of your enemies.

When confronted with a problem in a horror game, players will control the character from a first-person perspective, which adds suspense and fear to the experience. They will be able to direct the character’s basic movements, particularly stealth.

Because your character cannot destroy the dangerous entities you see, one solution is to hide and fight back with some of the items you have.Control the character with a hint mechanism


When you start Ice Scream 5, Mike will appear and begin his interaction. To find the necessary items, you will easily travel to many different locations and interact with the objects around you. At the same time, this presents unique challenges when the game’s environment is quite large and divided into numerous rooms. So, the game provides you with a hint mechanism.

A hint mechanism is a tool that assists players in determining what to do next. When you are having difficulty exploring an area in Ice Scream 5, you can also tap the puzzle icon, and you will be notified when you can use this feature. Furthermore, while moving, you must be cautious and listen around you for the appearance of enemies that you will need to hide from.

Players will control the character as they move around the game, looking for a strange communication room where they can contact their last remaining friend, J. This provides clear advantages when players are stuck for new things to do or are being pursued.

So, you must exercise caution when using this feature, and your workload will be increased if you play two characters.


Success against dangerous enemies

In Ice Scream 5, you can find a new dangerous character type, the mini-Rod, in addition to the dangerous enemy that appears at the beginning of the game, Rod. They are smaller than Rod and frequently move around the environment to do their job.

Furthermore, while they cannot constantly follow you and try to catch you, they can effectively identify targets. If you let them detect and broadcast, Rod will appear a few seconds later.

You can get away from them in a variety of ways, the first of which is to hide. Hiding requires the player’s attention because you must watch and listen carefully so they do not recognize you, and you must stay put until they leave.

At the same time, an effective weapon that appears in J’s room is the electro gun, which can temporarily disable enemies. Of course, if you keep this weapon in your hand all the time, you will not be able to use other items.


Why should you not ignore Ice Scream 5 APK?

Mike is the first character you control in Ice Scream 5 APK. He first appeared in a conduit, accompanied by a moving cutscene Rod.

  • You will then embark on a journey of discovery and clue gathering in order to make new contacts with J and, ultimately, reunite with your imprisoned friends. Of course, the character will be devoid of weapons, and the character switch feature will provide a reasonable means for players to switch tactics.
  • You can switch between the two characters, Mike and J in Ice Scream 5 APK. At the same time, you will notice that these two characters are quite separated, and when Mike moves, J is in a room. So, if you want to change your control to J, look for a room with a green desk phone icon. You will enter the password into the computer and then dial J’s number.

When you call J in Ice Scream 5, your perspective shifts to J, and you can see Mike’s location on another computer.

  • Following that, you will need to find a weapon to help you escape the pursuit of Rods and Mini Rods, such as a stun gun that allows you to temporarily paralyze your enemies.
  • You will also know when they wake up and decide to escape or hide behind nearby objects. The Mini Rod is a dangerous enemy that you must defeat.
  • They will have Rod’s face and, eventually, a more petite physique. They will be in charge of reporting what is important to Rod in large numbers, and if they see you, the alarm will sound.
  • So, if you do not want the enemy to know your exact location, you should paralyze them and try to escape as quickly as possible. It is a game that you will not be able to ignore.

Ice Scream 5 Mod APK Main Features

  • Character switching system: For the first time in the series, you can play as either Mike or J, allowing you to explore different areas depending on which character you choose.
  • New enemy: Confront the new Mini Rod in this chapter. The ice cream factory guards will attempt to stop you from escaping and will notify Rod if they see you. Prove your skills by dodging and escaping them.
  • Fun puzzles: To be reunited with your friends, you must solve brilliant puzzles.
  • Cinematic narratives: Relive key moments in Rod and Joseph Sullivan’s history by traveling back in time.
  • Dumb Enemies
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Traps

When it comes to Ice Scream 5 Mod APK, you can customize and change the character to your liking. You will have an unlimited amount of money to do whatever the system requires.

At the same time, other conditions must be met for some characters. Mike is easily obtained without reaching level 15 or having 15k gold to unlock.

You can choose from a very interesting, extremely appealing experience in the latest version of Ice Scream 5 Mod APK right now, along with dozens of other characters!


Ice Scream 5 is the best horror puzzle game on mobile. The factory’s extremely scary sounds will give players a sense of dread. In addition, the visual effects of the ice cream pervert will overwhelm players. Try feeling the sensation of escaping from the pursuit of the enemy; you will undoubtedly find it very interesting.



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