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Aug 12, 2018
Mar 25, 2024
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MOD Info?

Evil Nun Mod Apk is a game of the horror genre, you want to conquer the fear of the game. You will be transformed into a boy running, hiding and decoding.

  • Unlimited Money
  • Freeze Enemy


Evil Nun is a horror mobile game based on the Conjuring universe’s Valak character. The devil dressed as a nun has returned to bring severe fear to every viewer’s nightmare, and this time it will be in the form of a video game. Let’s now beat your fearful emotion in the latest version Evil Nun Mod APK!

Evil Nun – Hell on Earth

Evil Nun APK is an Android-compatible horror game by the firm Keplerians Horror Games. Evil Nun features gameplay that is comparable to a few prior horror games, such as Granny or Five Nights at Freddy’s while being inspired by the figure from The Nun. In Evil Nun, you will take on the role of a little kid being kept captive by a crazy nun. Your goal is to get out of her school as fast as possible before she does anything terrible to you. The game will undoubtedly provide you with times of anxiety, suspense, and intellect as well as courage.

Evil Nun Mod APK

When you play Evil Nun, you will be transformed into a boy who has been imprisoned by an Evil Nun in a house with a very violent mad nun. You must unravel the mysteries of the house and escape before it is too late. However, that monstrous Sister is always snooping and walking beside you, ready to terrorize you at any moment. Your mission is to discover a way out of the haunted home without getting “beaten” by Valak, who holds a colossal sledgehammer. It is important to note that you can’t do harm or beat the ghost in this game; you can only run away, hide, and decode. A cycle is inexorably repeated. There will be no self-determination in this situation. All you can feel is apprehension and anxiety. Evil Nun lacks a robust graphics platform and is therefore unappreciated in this aspect. The simple sight, along with the terror and gore, is enough to send shivers down the player’s spine.

What makes Evil Nun so appealing?

A puzzle formats

Nobody gives anything out for free in this world. You must also escape from this sick school in Evil Nun Mod. To do so, you must answer the game’s riddles to uncover additional clues, escape, and so on. By locating and using accessible items such as keys, holy water, and so on, puzzles can emerge anywhere in the school. For a long period, you may gradually understand the conundrums and unearth hidden mysteries in the school.

Evil Nun Mod APK Download

Ghost mode with different difficulty

“Ghost Mode” is a unique mode for individuals who are weary of being pounded by the nun every day or simply wish to learn more about the school’s mysteries. The player will not be visible when in the ghost condition and will be able to roam about and solve puzzles without danger of being detected by the nun. It is not always a bad idea to look her in the eyes and take her seriously. If you have completed the initial escape challenge, do not rush since there are many various degrees of difficulty to provide players with varied emotional frames. The nun’s movement speed increases when the difficulty of Evil Nun Mod is increased. The initial level may not be tough for you to complete, but the subsequent stages will undoubtedly cause you to sweat while you are in the difficult mode. There is another mode for people who are weary of being pounded by her for long days or simply want to learn more about this terrifying school ghost mode.

Haunted graphics

Evil Nun Mod is not as strong as internet games and is not necessarily better in this aspect because it is an offline game. The original vivid terror coupled with simplicity, on the other hand, is more than enough to make players tremble. With its realistic and scary first-person gameplay style, as well as the spooky ghostly sound that haunts players from beginning to end throughout the game. Evil Nun will undoubtedly move players from this emotional stage to another. What the game can do those other games can’t be making the player feel wonderful and frightened in a limited amount of space.

Evil Nun Mod APK Download free

Terrifying secrets

When you are trapped in a school like this, your first goal is to get out as quickly as possible. Our lives appear to be full of intriguing things that we must constantly investigate. Something more awful seems to be lurking in the basement laundry room, not just in our life but also in Evil Nun MOD. Is it a plan or a way out that there’s a ghost graveyard? After that, you walk inside the game and try to complete every mode that it offers. If you are searching for a scary game, Evil Nun Mod should be your first pick. This is a fantastic option since it has many elements that have given you a lot of emotions. It is a horror game that is brutal but also requires the capacity to reason and intellect. No advertising will offer you the sensation of being able to enjoy the game without being hampered by the fear of getting detected. Gold coins are a must-have item in every game, particularly those created by Keplerians Horror Games. If you are alone at home in the middle of the night, playing games is not a good idea. You cannot harm her, which is the objective of Evil Nun Mod.

Evil Nun MOD APK version for Android

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money

This feature makes it possible to unlock many new things. You will have a more refreshing experience when you download the latest version for Android to your device.

  • No Ads

There will not be any ads in the game that can interrupt your experience and emotions. The plot of Evil Nun has finally been completed after several changes. Players may now fully immerse themselves in the tale without having to wait for manufacturer updates. This is an excellent pick if you want a horror game that is both brutal and demands the capacity to think and intellect. And if you are alone at home late at night, this game might not be the best option!



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