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What is in Aqua Mail APK?

Aqua Mail may help you combine all of your emails from many sources into one location. On all email components, it also provides a comprehensive variety of functions for viewing, processing, modifying, editing, writing mail, and many other activities. With only a feature button or a swipe of the screen, these activities may be completed swiftly and cleanly. Aqua Mail works well, seamlessly, and completely whether you are using personal mail, a corporate exchange server, or email accounts that are no longer in use (such as Hotmail). Combine all of your emails from many sources into Aqua Mail APK

Long-term safety and security

When it comes to an app that gathers email addresses, consumers’ main worry is security and long-term safety. Aqua Mail provides you maximum control and peace of mind by:

  • Access is controlled by a pin code and a fingerprint.
  • Set internet network limits for Wi-Fi and mobile data sources using different licenses.
  • Setting up mail backup and restoration on popular cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive, as well as a file, can restore your confidence in the security of your data.

Adaptable to a variety of email providers

You do not have to be concerned about this service’s compatibility with today’s prominent email providers. You may use popular email services like Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Outlook, Gmail, and Microsoft Exchange… You may pick a service provider directly while setting up a service provider in Aqua Mail. It will instantly detect your email if it is not an official email. You do not have to update your email address all the time to keep up with the suggested direct email service providers. It also does not collect or keep any of your personal information. Personal information is kept safe using this tool. Email accounts will be saved at Yahoo BizMail, Google Apps, Exchange Online, Office 365, and other services after successful login.


Adaptable gestures

Aqua Mail allows you to interact with your emails using clever gestures. You may quickly choose numerous emails by swiping from top to bottom. It displays all of the emails you have deleted or marked as read. Not only can you communicate with one email, but you can also interact with many emails at the same time. On the other side, it enables you to read all of your emails at once without pausing to read any of them. A dark theme has also been introduced so you can view your emails comfortably at night. This application also works with Nova Launcher. Some of the features in the table may be customized, such as changing settings on the fly or automatically checking email when an event happens. It also has widgets that allow you to apply various colors to different accounts. Furthermore, configuring the sync number settings and folder management settings is simple.

Rich Text Editor

The creation of perfect emails is not difficult for users. This manager comes with a plethora of formatting possibilities. It also works with a variety of text editors. You can bold, underline, italicize, or change the font size, among other things, using the text you have altered. As a result, when the text is placed in the template, it will become nice. A lovely signature also demonstrates your professionalism. You may attach a different signature to each email account using signature support. You may put photos, links, or other text types in your signature if you choose. It is possible to modify it in the settings.

Search and manage emails with ease

Smart Folder assists users in swiftly finding and managing emails. When you need to find a new or old email, insert a term into the search box and it will appear. You may also look for stickers that have been pre-sorted. Additionally, it offers a secure login option for both Yahoo and Gmail. You do not have to be concerned about losing your email account. Integration with third-party applications is also possible using the management function. It gives you complete control, orchestration, and personalization. It also syncs your email automatically for better email management. You will not have to waste time and effort sorting emails, and everything will be done correctly.

Customized Interface

Aqua Mail has a straightforward user interface. The primary colors are visually appealing. The primary features are also well-designed. Furthermore, most major services such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook employ the default access interface. If you wish to change the look, there are four lovely themes to select from. These themes will be incorporated into the settings, allowing you to rapidly choose between them. Finally, the three tile icons provide you with all of the information you want.


Aqua Mail Pro Mod APK – Why is it required?

PRO version

Aqua Mail’s advanced features are what you should be concerned about. You will get that advanced feature pack with the Premium version. To begin, it allows you to push corporate and Office 365 emails to the Exchange server. You will not be restricted to a single email address. Instead, you may add as many accounts as you wish for free. Of course, this email manager can handle several accounts as well. When sending out letters, it also allows you to use your own name and eliminate advertising signatures. At the same time, while you use them, you will never be bothered by advertisements.

Aqua Mail Pro ADVANCED highlights

  • Message counter and message list widgets for the home screen.
  • Organize and manage your emails with our Smart Folder function.
  • Exchange and Office 365 calendar synchronization (use any Calendar app or widgets).
  • Exchange and Office 365 contacts sync (visible in Aqua Mail and the Contacts app). Includes auto-complete and a corporate directory lookup).
  • The rich text editor, stylistic options, and a variety of formatting options, including picture embedding, will assist you in creating the ideal email.
  • You may attach a distinct signature to each email account and incorporate graphics, links, and text formatting with signature support.
  • Voice input from an Android Wear wearable for notifications and responses.
  • Change the appearance and feel of the app with one of the four available Themes and additional customization features.
  • Having separate network connection settings for Wi-Fi and mobile data guarantees optimal performance and cost-efficiency.

Get the most out of Aqua Mail Pro Mod APK

  • Exchange servers (corporate email) and Office 365 users can receive push mail.
  • The ability to add multiple accounts.
  • Make use of nicknames.
  • In outgoing messages, remove the Aqua Mail promotional signature.
  • Get rid of the adverts.


Aqua Mail is equipped with the tools you will need to effectively manage your personal and professional email. Download the app now to save time and solve problems via email straight away.



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