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Z Day: Hearts of Heroes MOD Apk is a real-time strategy game with elements of world domination and resource management. It’s time for war games. These strategy games are no stranger to gamers with many successful games in the genre. Here are the reviews and how to download the game on your phone. In these completely free strategy games, no two humans are fighting but two humans fighting zombies.

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Introducing Z Day: Hearts of Heroes

How would your life change if you had to survive a zombie apocalypse? Let’s just hope that this is never the reality. With the current events in the world, it’s not unrealistic to see World War Z happening. The science of human engineering is growing fast, and the military has cloned combat forces called Super Soldiers and destroyers in the sky.

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At one point in time, humanity had the opportunity to end this conflict. The Allied Forces, however, caused a large explosion that released gas and killed many innocent people. This then led to many of them becoming zombies. The animals around the world suddenly became huge and aggressive. The world was thrown into turmoil, and it is up to you to lead your forces to survive and fight for our future.

Build your strong fortress

In the Z Day, the player has to build an army from scratch. In the beginning, there was a wasteland devastated by war, but soon weapons factories, nuclear reactors, and training camps were built to maximize their fighting power.

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When you touch vacant land, you will see a 3-second timer before you can select a building. You can then experiment with the resources that you have to earn gold and other things for your army and the entire territory.

Train your elite army

To protect your kingdom from The Commandant and Storm The Bastion, you must have a big army, but so does everyone else. To stay ahead of the competition, you’ll have to defend your territory against the other kingdoms. Generating gold is crucial, but it can also be a challenge because of how many other kingdoms are fighting for gold.

Z Day-Hearts of Heroes-apk-for-android-techtodown

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes has complex gameplay, but it’s easy to learn. First, you choose which type of troop you want. There are tanks, airplanes, paratroopers, marines, etc. Each squad alignment will have a different approach. That’s cool because it makes the game different every time you play. And there are detailed guides for whatever you need help with so mastering it is easy.

Realistic graphics and vivid sound

The 3D graphics of Z Day: Hearts of Heroes are much better than Clash Royale. You can see the fortress, the war simulated like in real-life. When fighting, your army will move through the forest on the treetops.

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Though Z Day: Hearts of Heroes has its shortcomings, the developers are constantly making improvements. This game is worth playing this year.


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