We Are Warriors! MOD APK 1.27.3 (Unlimited Coins, Summons)

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Nov 16, 2023
Jun 7, 2024
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Mod Info

We Are Warriors MOD APK – pits players in epic battles across ages, commanding units from Dino Riders to Tanks.

  • Unlimited Gold/Gems/Potions


Love those games that keep you rushing through? Have you ever been in the mood to give commands to a warrior who rides on dinosaurs and then being able to do the same thing with a tank battalion? That’s what We Are Warriors is all about, mixing idle game mechanics with time traveling. You will be summoning troops throughout history, from primitive cavemen with sticks and stones to robots from another era, using them to conquer your foes.

But before you start downloading and getting excited, here are our thoughts on We Are Warriors!, its strengths, weaknesses and why we think it’s worth trying out.

We Are Warriors MOD APK

We Are Warriors! Gameplay Breakdown

How it Works

We Are Warrior!’s core concept is not complicated at all:

  • Gather resources: Food will be your currency and will automatically generate over time.
  • Summon units: Just tap on the summon button and a random troop type based on your level will come out (you will go from basic spearmen in the early game and end up with spaceships later).
  • Strategize attack: Your army takes action alone so timing when you upgrade and send new waves is crucial!
  • Progress! Defeat bosses to unlock new historical eras and more powerful unit types.

Unique Features

  • Idle Gameplay: Even when you are not playing your army keeps fighting which makes this game perfect for casual players who don’t have much time to spend gaming.
  • Historical Variety: One of my favorite features of this game is that as it goes through different stages of history. Battles become visually more appealing making player engagement way easier.
  • Upgrade System: This system allows you to boost unit stats or increase food production resulting in strategic choices having a much larger impact than they usually would

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Pros and Cons of We Are Warriors!

Like every other mobile game out there, We Are Warriors! Will not make everyone happy. Google believes in having a balanced view, so let’s break down the good and the bad:


  • Casual and fun: Very easy to understand as it is very simple; Great game for short gaming sessions.
  • Satisfying Army Concept: One of my favorite aspects of this game is how satisfying it is to see different eras come together in order to win a battle.
  • Variety of Units: Unlocking new eras will guarantee that no stage of the game gets boring at all.


Repetitive Gameplay Loop: After some time, battles can get really similar with only minor differences which can become boring after a while.

  • Slow Progression : To unlock top-tier units you might have to buy them or grind out for quite some time and we all know how annoying that can be
  • Ads: They are intrusive as most ad systems tend to be these days and you already know they ruin everything
  • Important Note: I base these pros and cons on general player feedback and my own experiences. You may feel differently about We Are Warriors!

Who Should Play We Are Warriors!

It is always important to be able to pinpoint your target audience when promoting any kind of product. Here’s who this game was designed for:

You Might Love This Game If…

  • You Like Idle Games: These mechanics are classics and have been loved by gamers since forever
  • You Enjoy History/Military Themes: Lets be honest here, history is pretty cool and seeing different eras clash on the battlefield will give anyone chills
  • You Want Casual Fun: Perfect for short bursts of play rather than long, complex strategy sessions. If you crave a bit more depth, you could try a game like Heroes of Valhalla.

This May Not Be Your Ideal Game If…

  • You Crave Deep Strategy: Making deeper strategic decisions is not really an option with this game as your choices are severely limited
  • You’re Allergic to In-App Purchases: Unless you want to spend money, progression will be extremely slow and painful
  • You Want a Story-Driven Experience: The main focus is gameplay, so this game isn’t really going to get the job done in that area
  • If We Are Warriors! has a modding scene, we’ll be sure to feature some awesome ones on TechToDown. Keep an eye out for bonus content!

We Are Warriors! mod apk download

How to download

Search for “We Are Warriors!” on our website:

Follow the clear instructions on the game’s page to get started.

Build your unstoppable army through time


So should you check out We Are Warriors!? If you love idle games, casual strategy, and military history, then yes! It won’t replace your favorite PC strategy epics anytime soon, but it will keep you entertained.


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