Xeno Command Mod Apk 1.3.15 (Menu, Damage, All Unlocked)

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Nov 4, 2022
Mar 21, 2024
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Xeno Command Mod Apk is a strategy game, you will play the role of a hero and lead your army to fight to victory against other armies. Download now to win!

  • Unlocked Full Game
  • Attack Multiplier
  • God Mode


The player of the strategy game Xeno Command Mod Apk has been whisked away to a space cosmos, where he or she must command the armies they have created using the available resources. There are a lot of foes approaching, and it’s up to your troops to stop them.

About Xeno Command Mod Apk

In the Xeno Command Mod Apk, you’ll command your galactic army against invading aliens. There is a worldwide crisis due to the appearance of aliens. They come in groups of three and conquer one star after another, bringing misery to everyone. You will join a battle between an alien from another world and the planet’s hero. The individual who helps the planets in the galaxy is you, who commands humanity against invasion. With space materials, you may construct a base to combat aliens. Every scientific knowledge you acquire from them will be used as a weapon so that every triumph with them is yours alone.

Xeno Command Mod Apk

In the current era of the Milky Way, planets have taken to colonizing one another. However, this newfound peace is threatened by aliens whose technology surpasses that of humans. In contrast to our previous states of technological advancement, human weaponry is now feeble in comparison to theirs. If they’re not stopped, the aliens will eventually invade every planet and use the inhabitants as food to fuel their conquest. That’s why it’s imperative that you form battle armies from all walks of life on every planet. The previous galaxy was able to survive because of heroes like you; now Earth and other planets need you to lead the fight against these extraterrestrial creatures.

Fight the invaders

If you’re looking for an exciting real-time strategy game to play that doesn’t require an internet connection, look no further than Xeno Command. In this game, you’ll fight off hordes of aliens while commanding a massive army in some truly epic battles. This game will blow your mind. The fate of planets is becoming increasingly tenuous as we enter the age of interplanetary colonization. People from all walks of life come together to form a huge army and lead it into battle against the invaders in the hopes that this will ensure humanity’s survival. You are the one who will save the world, therefore you will be in command of your troops during the fight against extraterrestrial aliens.

Touching on a part of the screen will cause one of the team to go in that direction. After that, you’ll be able to approach different buildings in order to train your space soldiers and get them ready for any foes that may come their way. In every situation, after the agreed-upon distance has been breached, the assaults will begin naturally on their own.

Forming an army

Alien invasion footprints can be found on every planet in the galaxy. The face of each planet they passed appeared to have been completely destroyed everywhere they went. They will visit each planet and take all available resources, in turn. Your Earth is also one of the planets on their list for conquest for riches. Aliens will terrify you with their technological skill when you see them for the first time. To preserve the world, overcome your fears of alien creatures. Create an army from across space and defend yourself against evil intentions targeting your location.

Destroy the alien enemy

You must defend your planet from attack by hundreds of species from across the cosmos. They began the invasion with superior weapons that were distinct from human progress. Every battlefront features planetary bosses, which are at the heart of this conflict. Those from beyond our galaxy have a knack for spontaneously presenting you with problems that you haven’t encountered before. They will not be hesitant about your weapons because they are confident in their progress. Aliens wait for you on the battlefields with deadly weapons that they have developed. They started this senseless conflict, and you will be the one to end it.

Xeno Command Mod Apk Download

Multiple units

The hero system in Xeno Command is constantly looking for ways to offer gamers the most suitable tactics. As a result, this game’s hero system is exceptionally broad, with unique instructions, abilities, and formations for each kind of hero. By defeating opponents in battle, you may improve your army’s strength. You can enhance the strength of your fortifications and army systems by gathering resources.

Currently, the game consists of different units such as Bots, Marines, Flying Troops, Laser Towers, Supplies, and many more still waiting to be unlocked. Furthermore, new content will regularly be updated in future versions giving you even more options and replayability.

Graphics and sound

The original mode was chosen as the focus for this version, and the pixel graphics component was replicated. See gameplay with the top camera and upgrade/unlock new possibilities in the special menu with cube visuals. You may also listen to the 8-bit soundtracks that were extremely popular 20 years ago.


This Xeno Command Mod Apk is an excellent strategy game that will keep you entertained for hours. With its many different units and upgrades, as well as new content updates, you will never get bored. So what are you waiting for? Download now and start your Xeno Command Mod Apk battle today!


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