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March 14, 2024
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Do you want to go back to the primitive times and explore the daily life of that era? Download Welcome to My Cave Mod Apk game and experience it right away. You will immerse yourself in the primitive life and will have unexpected experiences. Let’s explore the unique features in this exciting game in the next sections of our article.

Introducing to Welcome to My Cave Mod Apk

Welcome to My Cave is a fun strategy game with lots of great features, developed by Error300. In this game, you will have a chance to develop your tribe and help them grow during the game. The game has attractive gameplay based on a tactical approach along with many other attractive aspects, sure to make you swoon while playing.


Why do you need Welcome to My Cave Mod Apk?

Welcome to My Cave Mod Apk is a modified version of the game that we provide for free on our website Techtodown. Our mod version will offer many advanced features for you to enjoy the game without worrying about anything.

You can get unlimited money to buy anything you want in-game, and we also unlocked all paid features for you. You just need to download our mod version and enjoy all its features at no fee.

Outstanding features of Welcome to My Cave Mod Apk

Take on the role of a gifted tribe leader

In Welcome to My Cave Mod Apk, your mission is to develop a tribe from the Stone Age through the Mars Expedition. You will take on the role of a gifted tribe leader throughout an impossibly long quest. You need to prove that you are capable of inheriting your father’s leadership role.


You will have to decide where to build the first house and assemble a construction team to walk around the tribe and develop it. You need to use your talents, intelligence, and management prowess to lead your tribe through the ages after you have become the tribe’s leader.

Strengthen your army

In this game, armies and citizens are split into various groups, and each character has a unique influence. For example, the farmer guy will help you construct a livestock area. You will need to strive to collect materials to construct a base or to strengthen your army and become a skilled leader in this game.

Pay attention to the construction symbol

In this game, you will need to keep track of three things: food, construction, and time. Each ingredient will be represented by a separate symbol, such as a chicken thigh signifying food or a timer showing the tribe’s development days. You need to pay attention to the construction symbol as well as the tribe’s population to be able to build auxiliary works.


About 100 different types of structures

Welcome to My Cave provides about 100 different types of structures. You plan and manage your strategy to unlock these types of structures. Small dwellings and cottages will replace the primitive stone age caves.

After that, they will vanish to make way for brick, timber, and metal houses, and you can construct buildings with contemporary structures. Depending on the level of technology you find, the tribe’s overall appearance will alter over time.

Freely create and administer your own tribe

In Welcome to My Cave, you can freely create and administer your own tribe, which is an appealing feature. You can settle in any location, deploy as many builders as you like, use any style of house you have, add the necessary tools, and develop for the tribe’s full population. You can also expand wherever you want and do whatever you want during your exploration.

Impressive 2D graphics

Welcome to My Cave has impressive 2D graphics and the game’s intricacies are displayed rather vividly. They help you to appreciate the game’s high display quality. In addition, the transition effect in this game is extremely remarkable, allowing you to play the game on low-profile devices with ease.

How to play Welcome to My Cave Mod Apk?

To play the game, you will start building structures and can customize them to protect your base. When building the main base, you will need to pay attention to three factors: upgrading the main house, producing soldiers, and building a warehouse. Each of these factors is important, so you need to ensure harmony between them to grow your base.

Then, you will need to design the structures so that the enemy cannot steal your resources during the invasion. You can use the fog system to protect your base. Use secret weapons to blow up your enemies.

To complete projects in Welcome to My Cave, you will need to make the right construction decisions that won’t take much of your time.


Download Welcome to My Cave Mod Apk for challenging experiences in the early days of mankind. You can follow the evolution of numerous ups and downs from the stone era to the space age in this game. You will be completely immersed in the game’s lighthearted strategic management and have a great time entertaining.

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