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Have you ever dreamt of writing your own book but felt unsure of where to begin? Whether you seek a creative outlet, aim to establish your brand, or simply want to challenge yourself, the process of creating a book is more accessible than you may think. In this article, we will explore five effective ways for utilizing the WebNovel Mod Apk platform to craft and publish your very own book.


What is WebNovel?

WebNovel is a versatile platform that allows you to effortlessly create and publish your own e-book online. It provides a user-friendly experience, enabling you to showcase your book beautifully even if you lack technical expertise. To create a book in under 30 minutes, begin by signing up. Although there are a few prerequisites, they are not overly challenging. Next, utilize the Create page to select a captivating title and theme. You can also customize formatting options, with TBR being a recommended choice for combining best practices. Once you have finalized your formatting, click the Create button. WebNovel will generate a book for you with default settings already in place (though you can always personalize your settings and create a book that aligns with your preferences). Upon release, you will be directed to your newly created virtual book page, where you can effortlessly upload your cover image.


Features that make you recommend using WebNovel

Once you’ve completed everything, you can select the “publish” button to submit your Book for Publishing. During the publishing process, you’ll have the opportunity to provide a description, ratings, and reviews for your book. Remember, it’s more than just a book cover now; it’s a valuable piece of content that should be meaningful for readers. Reviews play a crucial role in attracting an audience for your book.

On the review page, you can leave comments on each review by clicking the blue thumbs-up button. It’s also recommended to provide a review for each chapter, as this can boost SEO. The most outstanding reviews will be prominently displayed on the publishing page, so encourage your readers to leave honest feedback. Additionally, you have the option to write a pre-review for your book. Once a review is available, you can click on the images to publish it or use the subtle red-blue Review button.

How do I write my book on WebNovel?

To write your book on WebNovel, simply register on our website, You can sign up using your email or Facebook account. Once registered, you can begin writing your book. When you’ve finished, you have the option to publish it on our platform. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can save time by publishing your book directly on Amazon.

If you’re interested in the writing and publishing process as a whole, having all the necessary tools in one place can be incredibly helpful. WebNovel provides a genre diagram that you can follow along with. By exploring different genres, you can more easily establish an overall theme and direction for your work. Within your chosen niche, you can also navigate the graph to see how it evolves at different stages of your book.


After finding inspiration, you can start with a clean slate by creating an outline. As mentioned earlier, starting from scratch not only saves time but also makes the process more comprehensible. Once you’re finished, you can take advantage of the resources available on our website, specifically designed for independent creatives. These resources are constantly updated and include videos, free materials, and more. Additionally, our site provides industry directories relevant to your chosen genre and specific areas of your book.

These directories offer valuable information on industry professionals, agents, publishers, and more. By exploring them, you can determine if they are a suitable match for your book and proceed accordingly. The ultimate goal is to find individuals who specialize in your topic or are experts in your book’s genre. As you move from this initial phase of book creation to the next, it becomes crucial to decide on the title of your book. The most effective approach is to truly understand what your book aims to be. WebNovel offers various categories such as contemporary, romance, erotica, and more, allowing you to align your book with the appropriate genre.

Can I edit my book on WebNovel?

You can edit your book on WebNovel, but once it’s published, editing won’t be possible. Keep in mind that you have unlimited editing opportunities before publication. Start by crafting an impactful book title and synopsis. Choose a title that captures the essence of your book, reflecting its topic, tone, and message. Opt for something concise yet descriptive, ensuring that readers quickly grasp the essence of your story.

Write your novel today, sell tomorrow.

First, create your cover image. If you don’t plan to include individual illustrations, a cover image might not be necessary. In that case, you can use thumbnails of your book chapters. Choose something that is easy to scan and understand. Additionally, spruce up your writing style by using the blank template. When using templates, remember to include your homepage link in the footer. Once you have saved your template, you’re ready to proceed.

After setting up your book, you can start editing if any additional information is needed, such as chapter summaries, book index, book cover images, or additional images. Before proceeding with the edits, ensure that the formatting is correct. Formatting refers to the rules used by the web editor to format content for easier reading on the screen or paper. If you’re using Microsoft Word, check that the formatting displays your font choices correctly, that it appropriately uses bold or italics, includes the required white space and paragraph breaks, and that paragraphs are numbered correctly.

Once the formatting is correct, utilize the formatting options in your web editor. Remove any unnecessary or confusingly placed paragraphs. Add or remove any necessary formatting, such as links, dates, bullet points, lists, or numbered lists.

How can I promote my book on WebNovel?

WebNovel is a renowned online reading platform with millions of avid readers. If you aspire to promote your book on WebNovel, you can utilize their self-publishing platform to establish an online reading account. The best part is, you don’t even need a blog to create a publishing account. Simply furnish some essential details about your book to kickstart your journey.

Have you seen my book?

Creating your self-publishing profile is a straightforward process that involves filling out a few forms. When setting up your profile, consider the following sections:

  • Begin by navigating to your chosen publishing platform.
  • Select ‘New release’ and follow the prompts.
  • Choose the category of your book and provide additional details.
  • Include links to your Amazon and Goodreads pages.
  • Add your cover images and link them to your website.
  • Set the price and publication date for your book.
  • Allow a few minutes for the profile to load, and you’ll see it appear!

By following these steps, you can easily create a compelling self-publishing profile.

Bonus Promo Codes

WebNovel offers fantastic bonuses through promotional codes for self-publishing. Acquiring these exclusive codes can be costly, which may tempt you to utilize a referral link. However, it’s important to note that these codes can only be utilized on the Release tab of your publishing profile. Once you’re satisfied with your publishing profile, click on ‘Create new release’ in the upper right-hand corner to commence editing your book. During this process, any errors you come across can be rectified. Additionally, ensure that you diligently track the various parts of your book. Craft a captivating summary, introduce your characters and their world, and incorporate relevant tags. If you’re interested in observing how others have presented their books on the platform, navigate to the Post a review tab. Here, you’ll discover general statistics for each entry, as well as comprehensive details about each review. While it’s possible to number your chapters and sub-chapters, it’s advisable to keep the structure relatively simple.


Writing and editing your book for submission to WebNovel can be a rewarding experience. Utilizing the platform’s resources, you can create a well-rounded and attention-grabbing publication that will appeal to readers. By familiarizing yourself with their self-publishing tools, you can make sure that your book is ready for launch. If followed correctly, these steps can help you successfully create a book on WebNovel and promote it through your own website or other online platforms. Good luck!



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