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Were you aware that 80% of Americans own a smartphone as stated by the Pew Research Center, and many of those use them for reading? This is why there has been such an increase in need for feature-packed ebook reader apps.

ReadEra Premium stands out among others in this constantly changing world because it offers something for everyone; whether you are just looking to relax with a good book or want all of your reading needs met in one place.

Make ReadEra Premium the star of the show. Say that it offers more features and benefits than the free version.

Consider ReadEra Premium as a five-star hotel for reading books. If you have used the free version before, then you know that it has an elegant design and easy-to-use interface. However, compared to this app, it’s still like staying at Motel 6. What I mean is–ReadEra Premium is packed with features! It has everything from text-to-speech (TTS) functionality which allows users listen their favorite novels being narrated by professional voice actors; automatic scrolling that enables one-handed reading; customizable themes so readers can adjust background color according to their preference etcetera…

ReadEra Premium Mod Apk

Exploding the Strength of ReadEra Premium

Wide Support for File Formats

ReadEra Premium makes it possible to read incompatible ebook formats. It can handle all popular file types without any problems, including:

  • EPUB (Electronic Publication)
  • MOBI (Amazon Kindle Format) This means you can indulge in your favorite novels or dive into technical reports without having to worry about format barriers.

But ReadEra Premium does not stop there – it also supports less common formats such as:

  • CBR (Comic Book RAR Archive)
  • CBZ (Comic Book ZIP Archive)

Thus, a wealth of digital comics and graphic novels becomes available to you, turning your device into a portable comic book heaven.

The universality of ReadEra Premium’s support for file formats lets you explore an infinite number of ebooks that are not limited by compatibility requirements. You can download books from different sources with confidence because ReadEra Premium will render them correctly for your reading pleasure.

Personal Reading Paradise

ReadEra Premium knows that each reader has their own preferences. In order to create a truly personalized reading experience, this app offers many customization options.

There is a world of adjustable fonts waiting for you – pick one which suits your visual style and comfort best. Feeling nostalgic? Immerse yourself into a classic novel with the “Sepia” theme reminiscent of old books. For night owls who like reading before sleep – the strong night mode will save their eyesight and create peaceful atmosphere around them.

ReadEra Premium cares about every aspect related to reading and adjusts itself accordingly. Brightness, text size, line spacing or margins – everything can be fine-tuned so that you have a perfect place where to read comfortably.

Text-to-Speech Functionality (Unique Content):

But wait! There is something else hidden inside ReadEra Premium: Text-to-Speech functionality. With this innovative feature at your disposal, you can listen to ebooks as if they were captivating audiobooks. Listen while commuting, exercising or doing housework – ReadEra Premium will fit reading into any active lifestyle seamlessly. It is also perfect for people with visual impairments or those who simply like convenience of audiobooks – in other words, ReadEra Premium is a flexible reading companion.

Auto-organized Library

Finding order in a digital library that keeps growing might seem like an impossible task. Have no fear though – ReadEra Premium has got intuitive organizational tools covered for you.

The “Collections” feature is the cornerstone of this organizational power. Create bookshelves named after genres, authors or even reading progress (“To Be Read”, “Currently Reading”, “Finished”) – anything that sparks your creative organizational mind.

But it does not stop there – one book can be added to multiple collections without any effort from your side. Need to find a specific title within a collection quickly? Use advanced search and you will get it in seconds!

ReadEra Premium Mod Apk

Going above the basics: What are the plus points of upgrading to ReadEra Premium?

Open advanced features:

The upgrading process to ReadEra Premium gives users additional tools that were designed to take their reading experience to a whole new level.

No longer will you be subjected to the constraints put in place by the free version. With ReadEra Premium, it is possible for one to utilize these sophisticated organizational utilities such as custom collections, advanced search within collections and adding a single book seamlessly into multiple categories.

Moreover, you will also have an immersive Text-to-Speech at your disposal that can turn any ebook into an audiobook which is perfect for people on-the-go or those who prefer listening over reading.

However convenience alone does not warrant this subscription fee; it should be noted that ReadEra Premium encourages deep reading and active engagement with text.

Bring out your inner scholar (Unique Content):

ReadEra Premium becomes a valuable academic exploration tool for students and researchers alike. You do not need another app because it has an integrated dictionary that allows quick word definition lookups without disrupting reading flow.

Highlight important sections while jotting insightful notes through annotation feature; this will transform your ebook into a dynamic learning partner thus helping you understand better complex texts according to ReadEra Premium functionality.

Supporting passion projects:

When opting for ReadEra Premium tier, one does more than just enhance how they read books; behind every great app there are hardworking developers waiting. These individuals continuously work towards putting the latest in e-reader technologies at our fingertips with their amazing updates based on what we say!

Other Options Instead of ReadEra Premium

There are a lot of ebook readers in the vast landscape of ebook readers. But ReadEra Premium has more features than any other. Still, here are two widely loved alternative options:

  • Moon+ Reader: It is famous for its sleek design, many settings to personalize your reading experience and strong dark mode that can be used at night or in low light situations when you don’t want any distractions.
  • Libby: This app is unique because it’s connected with your local library system; so everything you read on Libby is free as long as you have a valid library card, including audio books too. If you’re trying to save money this would be perfect for you.


You can go beyond a basic e-reader with ReadEra Premium. It provides more formats, better customization, and stronger organizational features than anything else. With this app, reading becomes an absorbing adventure. Join the ranks of satisfied readers – get ReadEra Premium today!

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ReadEra Premium Mod Apk


Can I share my notes and highlights with other people by annotating an ebook together using ReadEra Premium?

Unfortunately, there aren’t collaborative annotation tools in ReadEra Premium. However, you can create personal notes and highlights within the app. Currently, there is no way to directly share them with others. But you can export your annotated ebooks in some formats (depends on the ebook format) and then share these files for joint reading and note-taking.

Apart from Google Drive, does ReadEra Premium support any other cloud storage services to sync my reading data?

Currently, ReadEra Premium only supports Google Drive for cloud storage and syncing. It allows you to back up your library, reading progress, notes, and highlights easily. After that, you will be able to access them from any device with ReadEra Premium installed. At present time, the developers have not announced any plans for working with other cloud storage providers.

If I uninstall ReadEra Premium from a device without creating a backup copy of my books will they still be recoverable from the cloud?

Yes! If you uninstall the app but your books are stored on Google Drive through ReadEra Premium then everything is alright. Even if the app itself has been removed from a device or its data has been cleared somehow — your books won’t disappear anywhere. They are perfectly safe because all our stuff is stored on servers owned by Google Inc., where no one except authorized persons can get access to it.

Can I save audio files produced by Text-to-Speech feature in ReadEra Premium for offline listening outside of this program?

Nope! Unfortunately, it’s impossible to save audio files narrated by Text-to-Speech function directly — such option isn’t available right now in our app. Audio is generated dynamically while you read within it so as not to break copyright rules established by publishers. All content must stay on publisher’s site or app where it was initially placed.

Can I use ReadEra Premium with accessibility tools such as screen readers?

Yes, you can! ReadEra Premium is fully compatible with various accessibility features provided by your device. Among others, it has built-in support for screen readers. So visually impaired users can read ebooks using text-to-speech functionality offered by their OS.

Does ReadEra Premium have two-factor authentication (2FA) to enhance account security?

No, our app doesn’t utilize 2FA at the moment. However, you can strengthen your personal data protection following simple rules like using strong unique passwords for all services or downloading software only from official sources like Google Play Store which guarantees safety of downloaded files because its system scans them before installation thus preventing any malicious code execution attempts that could result in stealing login credentials associated with user accounts on different websites/services/apps etc.

Is it possible to try out ReadEra Premium before purchasing a subscription?

Sorry, but there is no trial period available for this version of the program yet. Though some stores may suggest limited refund windows after purchase so check this information within your particular store if needed. You can also test ReadEra free edition first and then decide whether to upgrade or not since basic features are similar in both versions anyway.


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