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Aug 26, 2023
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The popularity of Waradar app has taken the world by storm, which is an application essentially meeting a specific requirement of monitoring WhatsApp contacts online presence. While the latter offers free functionality with basic features, Waradar premium apk opens up a whole new level of features elevating user experience.

Waradar Premium Apk: A Feature-Rich Powerhouse

Waradar premium apk is not only about letting you know when someone is online; it has many other functions. Let us now dissect them and see how this premium version empowers you:

In-depth Last Seen Tracking

The former simple displays for last seen timestamping are available in the free version while in Waradar premium apk, there are more comprehensive details. It provides a complete last seen history that helps to track patterns and gain insights into contacts’ online activities. For understanding their habits on internet, such kind of logs will come handy.

Comprehensive Online/Offline Notifications

A contact’s coming online normally prompts generic notifications. In contrast, Waradar premium apk gives users more control at a finer level. You can set up personalized alerts for some contacts to ensure that you do not miss their entries or exits from the platform all through your life time. Such specificity is invaluable where people depend on real-time communication for personal or professional reasons.

Advanced Chat History Tracking

On ethical grounds, it should be understood that accessing someone else’s chat history is against privacy rule. Waradar Premium Apk does not directly allow access to one’s chat history though there tends to be change in a contact’s chat last modified time as observed using the premium version. Therefore, this might be an indirect way of knowing something about his/her chat activity but one should never misuse these valuable pieces of information for wrong motives.

“Do Not Disturb” Mode for Notifications

For each offline/online activity in the unpaid-for app, notifications keep popping up everywhere which can sometimes be annoying. However, Waradar premium apk has come up with a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode necessary in this context. This helps silent notifications for selected contacts or during certain time zones, which brings about a serene atmosphere.

Monitoring Multiple Contacts

The free version only allows you to monitor a few number of contacts. Waradar premium apk, however, provides for a solution to this problem by giving you the ability to simultaneously monitor many more contacts online presence. For individuals who manage large teams or social circles, this feature is very helpful.


By unlocking the world of possibilities beyond its free version limitations, Waradar premium apk is able to catapult user experience into another level. From in-depth online/offline tracking through advanced reporting and analytics, it gives users an all-rounded knowledge about their contacts’ activities on internet. However, caution must be upheld as far as using such information ethically is concerned.


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