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iSharing Mod APK provides user location tracking through a simple visual interface. Users will discover numerous applications for this feature in conjunction with the communication feature. TECHTODOWN is offering iSharing: GPS Location Tracker Mod APK Latest Version for Android with some amazing features.

What is iSharing: GPS Location Tracker?

iSharing: GPS Location Tracker is an app that allows users to connect with family members and locate them on a map provided by the app. You will be aware of their current location, and their entire travel history will be saved. All at the same, users can fully utilize the app’s features such as notifications, broadcast emergency messages, and, of course, the built-in communication feature.

Users will be able to view a map provided by the application, which will include icons representing family members and the direction in which they move.

Moved locations will be displayed fully and colorfully, and will be saved in history for users to access at any time.

Users will receive notifications when other users make changes, such as changing their location or having loved ones nearby.

The ability to broadcast emergency messages by shaking the device for other users to respond is an important feature that users should not overlook.

The application does not stop locating users, but it also allows them to communicate with one another and send messages, much like walkie-talkies.

The iSharing GPS Location Tracker app allows your family to stay in touch and connected with your family member at all times.

iSharing: GPS Location Tracker Mod Apk TechToDown

The family phone tracker service provides real-time location tracking, allowing families to privately share location information and communicate with one another.

With simple tracking and alerting messages, our GPS tracker helps parents and caregivers reduce anxiety about the whereabouts of their family members.

View family members’ latest locations on a private family map that is only visible on Family Locator.

Receive real-time alerts when a family member arrives or departs from a location – the most effective way to protect your family!

Receive automatic notifications when a family member is nearby (no more annoying Where are you? texts)

GPS phone tracker for stolen or lost phones.

In an emergency, shake your phone to send the Panic Alert.

With iSharing, you can turn your phone into a walkie-talkie and send FREE voice messages.

View the location history of your family members.

iSharing: GPS Location Tracker Mod Apk Download

What makes iSharing: GPS Location Tracker engaging?


Users can use the iSharing feature to create a network of links with other family members, and from there, they can capture each other’s location. Connecting and observing each other’s positions is beneficial and can be used in a variety of situations. As a result, users will be able to quickly see the movement of other members thanks to a map interface that is completely close and simple to use.


The main interface in iSharing is similar to the Google Maps interface that users are still familiar with. On that map, there are icons representing your family members, and the color of the moving lines will vary depending on the characteristics of the move. It is used to teach people how to get around by utilizing other family members.


The storage of various travel histories is a notable feature when users use iSharing’s feature. The movement history will be completely saved so that users can review it at any time. All at the same, these moving journeys are depicted in different colors, making it easier to understand the direction of family members, particularly when they travel by vehicle.


Users can use iSharing’s notification feature to receive accurate information in addition to observing family members’ movement information. These notifications will be installed and will notify others when the user is moving. At the same time, this feature can be used to notify users when other members are at home or on the move near them in order to facilitate communication.


One type of announcement that stands out from the rest is urgent, requiring anyone to act quickly. Shake the device to activate the emergency notification, and other users will receive the notification immediately.

All at the same, the icon of the user broadcasting an emergency announcement becomes prominent in the map interface, allowing them to quickly grasp the problem and navigate to the appropriate location.

iSharing: GPS Location Tracker Mod Apk free download


The effect of using the location feature to assist other users in identifying the location is to assist in locating the lost device. These devices will typically broadcast the location, and the location will be displayed in a variety of ways, such as the most recent appearing on the map or the unchanged location.

Other users will then rely on the data they have to quickly locate the lost device. In some cases, the stolen device may be discovered in your bag.


The main determining-location feature of the rest of the family is the core feature that many people love and use. At the same time, this positioning includes a communication feature that allows users to communicate with others in the same way that a walkie-talkie does.

Sending messages is also a great way for users to avoid using too many communication features while still transmitting useful information to others.

iSharing: GPS Location Tracker Mod APK Latest Version

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iSharing: GPS Location Tracker Mod Apk for android


iSharing is a mobile phone tracking system that operates in real-time. The location of registered mobile devices and smartphones can be determined using the family locator app. In addition, we allow you to locate Android phones, iPhones, and iPads. It is simple to use. You only need to invite your family members to begin tracking them on your Phone to track any smartphone.

With simple tracking and alerting messages, the iSharing: GPS Location Tracker helps parents and caregivers reduce anxiety about the whereabouts of their family members. The iSharing: GPS Location Tracker Mod APK app should only be used with the agreement and consent of the other party.


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