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Vivid Navigation Gestures Mod APK (Paid) is an application that provides utilities to help you effectively manage and manipulate your mobile device with just a few quick hand gestures.

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Vivid Navigation Gestures is a tool that allows you to manage and manipulate your mobile device with just a few quick and simple hand gestures. Vivid Navigation Gestures Mod APK latest version for Android is available for free download at TECHTODOWN!

What is all about Vivid Navigation Gestures?

Vivid Navigation Gestures is a fantastic app that allows you to navigate your device without having to open it. It helps you by displaying a visual representation of all your recently used and frequently used apps on a single screen.

You can also customize the animations for each major area of the home screen to save time swiping between them. This makes Vivid Navigation Gestures an essential element for staying organized.

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A fantastic tool for Android

Vivid Navigation Gestures APK is a fantastic tool for Android devices. You no longer need to use buttons to check notifications, minimize apps, and recent apps, take screenshots, open the search bar, and perform other actions. Simply tap on the screen and select any option you want to open.

  • The application has the ability to simplify the use of the device through a series of operations that allow users to significantly save time for their work.
  • Actions on users’ mobile devices are built to suit different usage categories thanks to the classification feature.
  • To complete the device control preparation, select and change the default actions as desired.
  • Many of the other features are waiting for users to discover right within the app in order to diversify its use.
  • All utilities are simple to use and can be used for a variety of purposes, including operating equipment features.

A full-fledged and precisely working control structure

Vivid Navigation Gestures is a tool that allows users to create a fully functional and precisely working control structure for a mobile device using gestures. At the same time, each action is accompanied by a pleasant animation, allowing you to visually determine the success of a specific operation.

A comprehensive list of how to carry out your plans, a set of additional actions to quickly launch popular programs, and much more will please anyone who has wished for an optimally functioning bundle that significantly simplifies navigation throughout their smartphone’s “space.”

Vivid Navigation Gestures Mod

A compact control system

Vivid Navigation Gestures offers a compact control system with simple operations. You can easily manage every movement of your device and use the additional features provided by the application.

You will feel like your work is getting done faster than ever before, thanks to functions that only require your finger or none at all. Remember to do it when you want to. Join the app right away to discover what unique features it offers.

Vivid Navigation Gestures Highlight Features

There are numerous features in Vivid Navigation Gestures. You can use your phone very easily with the help of this app because you do not need any buttons to process your phone. You can customize the Vivid Navigation Gestures to your liking.

This app can be set to Left Bottom, Right Bottom, Left Top, Right Top, Up, Center, and so on. Aside from that, you have more ways to use this app. Swipe up, Swipe down, Swipe left, Swipe right, Hold, Double Tap, and so on.

Skip songs in the Music player

You may use this app to open a menu and use the search box to look up anything. You can do this to check your social notifications by opening the notification bar. In addition, you may use this app to skip songs in the Music player.

You are competent with volume control. This application now has a lot more choices. A touch screen on your phone is all you need to use it.

Main features of the app

Mobile device usage in your daily life frequently involves too many intricate steps, which makes it more challenging to control the device. The constraints of the default operation are improved by this application.

Using the smartphone swiftly is now simpler than ever for all users thanks to the combination of shortcuts and finger gestures that allow users to complete all of their usage needs. Install this fantastic tool right away to save time and do the job quickly.

Key combinations with a shortcut

The application’s shortcut combinations effectively demonstrate the benefits it gives by integrating fully with your mobile device. Things that might ordinarily require numerous settings can be accomplished with the push of a button or a light tap.

Vivid Navigation Gestures has emerged as the top option for people who value simplicity and speed because of its greater feature set and ability to get over the inherent constraints of typical operations.

Other superb features

The application offers many other noteworthy functions in addition to shortcuts and setting actions for your device. The application can correct certain common USB issues because it was designed specifically for the Android operating system and its variations.

Users will discover the application’s numerous impacts as they use it. Overall, the application has made utilizing your device easier and more convenient than ever with just a few basic activities.

  • Fluid Effects

Vivid Navigation Gestures” includes great visual effects while performing gestures.

  • Multiple gesture triggers

At the bottom left
• Lower center
At the bottom right
• On the top corner left
Center left
• At the bottom left
Top right
• Center-right
At the bottom right

  • Available gestures

• Swipe up
Drag and hold
• Swipe left
Swipe left and hold
• slide slide
Swipe right and hold
• slide down
Slide your finger down and hold
• Hold
Double tap
• Tap

  • Available actions

Start Google Assistant
• Return
• Menu
Kill App
• Latest application
open notifications
• Open the power dialogue
Recent apps
• Open quick settings
Switch the split screen
• Toggle automatic rotation
Toggle navigation bar
• Launch applications
Launch shortcuts
• take screenshots
Go to the next track
• Skip to the previous track
Look for
• Key codes
Input method selector
• Show volume controls
You can request actions in my subreddit

  • Hide the navigation bar

Vivid Navigation Gestures” allows you to hide your stored navigation bar as long as gestures are enabled.


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