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Mar 19, 2024
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Have you ever wanted to be able to navigate your phone more quickly and efficiently? Now you can with Pie Controls Mod APK. Download free now!

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Pie Control MOD APK is the perfect companion for your day-to-day phone usage. By using gestures, it enables one-handed operation of your phone. Simply swipe in from one of the screen’s corners to expose a useful menu that also looks good, displaying your preferred actions, notifications, and status details.


What is great about the app Pie Control

Today, mobile phones are a necessary part of our daily lives. utilizing a smartphone has become essential for almost all forms of communication, including checking email, sending text messages, and utilizing social media. But as the screen size expands, operating a phone with one hand becomes more and more difficult. When confronted with difficulties like this, Pie Controls are put into use. It’s an app that enables gesture-based phone control, allowing you to operate your phone with just one hand.

Additionally, the app lets you customize the active area’s width, height, and weight, as well as create folders to organize programs with ease. You may set up shortcuts for your contacts, messaging programs, flashlight, camera, Bluetooth, and mobile data deactivation.

There’s more that you can do with this app. Explore them all now!

Simply use the keypad to control your phone

Pie Control will assist you in streamlining everything for simplicity of use so you can get the most out of your time spent on your mobile device. As a result, you will receive a control system from the application that is minimally complicated, basic, and compact. Additionally, before utilizing it, you will be directed to a user interface with lots of data. So even if you’re just beginning out, you may easily advance toward fluency and take advantage of it whenever and wherever you like. Your smartphone is now easier and more productive to use.

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Feel free to customize your phone settings

Pie Control operates in the background and contains numerous customization choices and tools. You can move the trigger and place it on the side or bottom of the screen. It also allows you to alter the buttons on the pie scheme, change the colors, add icons, and add photographs to the scheme. Furthermore, the program allows you to enable animation, pop-up icons, change the vibration duration, and enable outlining tools.

Pie Controls also provides “Pie places,” which are touch-sensitive sites where users can access additional functionality. To give just two instances of what you can do with it, you can utilize this functionality to change the volume or move on to the next track. Stateful Icons, a group of state-dependent icons included in the program, provide you a rapid understanding of your phone’s present situation.

View the latest warnings

Another useful aspect of Pie Controls is the ability to view notifications without leaving the app. Instead of swiping down on the notification panel each time you receive a notification, you may use this function, which removes the annoyance. With just one hand, you can quickly examine your notifications, respond to or ignore them as necessary, and dismiss them.

Easily switch between pies

You can switch between pies with ease because to Pie Controls‘ interaction with other automation tools like “Tasker.” In order to boost compatibility and usefulness, it is significant to highlight that the “Xposed Framework” is supported within the app. Use the “Hide Navigation Bar” app to conceal the navigation bar on your smartphone without needing root access. With this functionality present and accessible to users, they are given more freedom to customize the look and behavior of their mobile device.

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Download the latest version of the app Pie Control MOD APK from TechToDown

As you might know, you have to pay to download and install this app from Google Play store. Given that, we highly recommend you download the latest version the app Pie Control MOD APK on our website. As such, you can enjoy this app with nothing at all.

Key features of Pie Control MOD APK:

  • Patched
  • Free


In conclusion, Pie Control MOD APK is a completely customizable fast access panel. Each aspect can be customized to match the look of your smartphone. Replace all basic apps and add your favorites.


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