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Nov 10, 2020
Aug 3, 2023
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Underworld Office MOD APK is a visually appealing adventure visual novel game developed by Buff Studio. Right now, engage on a magical journey with Eugene, revolving around the ghosts that haunt his life and many other unique characters!

Introducing Underworld Office

Young people are interested in the novel game genre, which combines a book plot with a novel game. Why? Gamers will have a more realistic experience when they become part of the story themselves, rather than reading the story in a boring fashion by adhering to the words on the book or phone. That is correct, nowadays, most games contain a storyline as part of their gameplay. It might be a series of events involving the game’s characters or a big story that runs throughout the experience.


In a dark world, Underworld Office tells a strange narrative with new but perilous experiences. The story’s characters are attempting to defeat evil to rescue themselves and their companions. There are several obstacles and unforeseen situations that you may not have before faced. Are you looking forward to it? Come learn more about it with us.

Intriguing plot

The plot of Underworld Office focuses on Eugene, a figure in the subterranean world, and the spirits who surround him. Eugene is thrown into this world by an unanticipated event, and he must find a way back to the real world before it is too late. Are you prepared to follow him? Underworld Office allows players to not only investigate Eugene’s story but also to become protagonists in charge of their own fate.

Throughout the trip, gamers will be asked questions about the game’s plot. And the choices made by each player will have distinct outcomes. It could or might not be a happy ending. If you are not happy with the outcomes, you may go back and change your mind at any moment. However, do not repeat this process too often because it will take a long period. Ideally, think again before making a choice or stick to your guns regardless of the consequences.

Many stories

Underworld Office has eight story chapters, each with its own unique material, although all of them are chronologically ordered from beginning to conclusion according to the story’s substance. As a result, it is ideal for gamers to have firsthand experience to comprehend the material and have the most intense sensations. You will embark on excursions in each chapter to piece together the tale piece by piece. Find a missing item or solve a puzzle. These tasks might emerge out of nowhere, surprising the player in the middle of a long and calm storyline. Do not worry; most of them are quite easy, serving just to draw the player deeper into the game’s storyline.


System of characters

In addition to Eugene, players will have the chance to meet and learn about a variety of other characters in this game. The other characters, on the other hand, are ghosts, but they all have souls. Not all ghosts are as terrible as you believe, and many nice companions can assist you greatly in your quest. Make friends with them.

How do you exert control?

Because Underworld Office is not focused on controls, the screen interface just has a few function buttons. Just below the screen are function buttons, including two that are of particular interest: messages and pictures. The player can communicate directly with other characters in the game by tapping the “message” symbol. By tapping the “picture” button, players may access archive images of the character’s adventure. That is all there is to it.

Background with a graphic design

Underworld Office may not have a stunning graphics platform, but it has enough to please gamers. More than 40 animations and 150 drawings were utilized to bring the story to life. The background is overcast with the sky in the dark night, and all of the pictures are made in a cartoon manner. Along with beautiful music tunes that will break the hearts of any gamer who enjoys books. In general, Underworld Office‘s visuals are pretty nice, and it runs well on mobile devices.


Underworld Office Mod APK latest version

Mod features

  • Unlimited Ticket
  • No Ads

The game Underworld Office is entirely free to download. However, because players frequently lack the necessary tickets to unlock new chapters, you may want to try downloading the MOD version of the game from the link provided below. This game is now accessible on Google Play, but it costs money to download. Download the Underworld Office MOD APK from TechToDown if you wish to play for free. Isn’t it fantastic?


For fans of anime books, Underworld Office will be a fantastic pick. It not only faithfully recreates the story but also provides each player with a genuine experience as the hero. The player controls the character’s emotions and actions throughout the game. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a tale rich in many emotional circuits such as joy, grief, disappointment, depression, hope, and trust, all of which will enrich the souls of all participants.


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