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Trivia Race 3D MOD APK is back with new features and innovations that you need to know about. This ball game is the perfect way to enjoy some friendly competition and excitement with friends.

Introduce about Trivia Race 3D

If you love skating, then Trivia Race 3D is an excellent game for you! It’s unique from other quiz games because players get to roll the balls to different boards. The game will give you new challenges at every stage, and if you’re able to pass through all the obstacles, then you can continue playing. Plus, it’s more fun because you’ll be playing with friends and seeing who gets the most points at each stage!

Trivia Race 3D MOD APK Download

Selection of impressive balls

The game provides you with different colored balls – each color will have its own meaning. You can choose any ball, and depending on your selection, you will be placed into separate teams. While playing, your primary goal is to control the balls that slide across designated boards; making sure not to let the ball fall off of the edge. The widths of these board vary, so be careful when aligning yourself!

In this new game, you’ll be placed on different teams with players from all over the world. The game follows certain routes and has different levels; you will be provided with an introduction to each level upon starting. Thanks to these introductions, you get to know the gameplay and can start playing confidently. More specifically, you will meet friends in-game, who come from different countries; after meeting them, the game will divide you into teams so that everyone can serve the objectives of the game together.

Overcoming the big competitors

Every individual in the game has a different personality, and they’re all striving to achieve a great victory for the whole team. You’ll be drawn at random, and then you’ll have to face off against an enemy. Choose your avatar wisely and enter the battle prepared. Players will advance their ball slowly at first so that they can get accustomed to the requirements of the game. Once everyone is comfortable, players can gradually increase their speed to make more progress.

The game is timed, so players must be mindful of the clock to put together an impressive race. Players must also keep an eye on both scores in order to devise the most effective attack plan. Furthermore, players need to be aware of the ball’s distance from them at all times as there are objects scattered throughout the field that can send you flying off course if you’re not paying attention. To stay ahead of these obstacles, you’ll need to speed up or slow down accordingly.

Trivia Race 3D MOD APK Download

Win the coolest upgrades

In order to succeed in this game, players need to use higher quality balls to make impactful shots. Furthermore, they should be mindful of the direction and angle they’re hitting the ball so they can do so with more force. By using a unique combination of speed and power, players will be able to achieve their goal in record time while racking up points along the way.

In Trivia Race 3D, not only will you get to play in more impressive games against tougher opponents, but you’ll also be actively using the game’s protective features to control the ball automatically. This way, you can focus your attention elsewhere and let the game move safely on its own within a certain range. Furthermore, making upgrades and adding new supportive features will make Trivia Race 3D even more alluring.

With Trivia Race 3D, the fun never has to end! And you’ll see the game in a whole new light. Players also love getting their hands on new balance features because it means they won’t need to keep track of the ball’s direction. The game also boasts colorful balls that help show off players’ personality. So try and get into the inner circle as there are loads of interesting supporting features waiting to be conquered.

Key featues

  • Make your selections from the full-color palette to create distinctive movements that represent your personality.
  • Instead of signing up for each group and waiting to see if the opponent you challenge is overwhelming, take a proactive stance.
  • You need to move the balls over to the right side of the board and get past all of the obstacles in order to win.
  • By gradually increasing your speed, you will not only be ahead of your opponents, but also get a higher score and have the chance to be featured on the leaderboard.
  • Win new races and claim the best prizes for yourself.


Trivia Race 3D MOD APK is an interesting and exciting game that will keep you entertained for hours on end.The game is suitable for all ages and can be played by anyone, regardless of their skill level.So what are you waiting for? Download Trivia Race 3D MOD APK today and start racing!



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