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Aug 14, 2021
Apr 4, 2024
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Mod Info?

Think fast or get eaten! Test your trivia skills in Text or Die. Outsmart sharks with the longest answers. Download the MOD APK for unlimited money!

  • Unlocked Hats/Blocks


Do you have what it takes to survive? Download Text or Die MOD APK Unlimited money now and try your best to give the longest answer. You have to be quick because the water is rising.


Introducing Text or Die

There are so many unique games to play! That’s because many newer titles provide different gameplay than the classics. You can find all sorts of trivia games these days! One great example is Text or Die, a clever puzzle game you can play for hours. Rollic Games offers a challenging trivia game that can be played by anyone! The higher your answer, the more difficult it will be to be stolen from sharks. You’ll have to think of the most extended answer possible to answer the questions correctly.

Trivia games are always fun. They are an excellent way to make friends, kill time, and learn new things. If you are into trivia games, this is one of the best. This game has many unique questions, but the answers are up to you. If you want to win, you’ll have to think up long answers that no one else can top.

Discover Unique Quiz Game

The best part about many of these games is that you can learn so much. For example, you might know a lot about your favorite team or TV show. However, there are other types of trivia that might be interested in. There are a lot of different genres to enjoy such as fighting, RPG, simulation, and more. Text or Die is one of the most underrated puzzle games. It challenges your vocabulary skills while making you think outside of the box.


In this new era, excellent customer service online is just as important as a fast website or beautiful products. An incredibly useful tool for brands to use is instant messaging, which can immediately engage customers and resolve issues such as abandonment of shopper carts, high bounce rates, and general consumer frustration. You’ll need to outlast your opponents to escape the shark. How much do you know? With so many levels to play, this game is perfect for people of varying knowledge. Can you trust your general knowledge?

Explore the outstanding features of Text or Die

Want to play something great? You can download Text or Die today!

The most exclusive game

Puzzle games are all the rage. The genre features a variety of really fun games to play! If you enjoy playing these games, you will find many unique ones to try out today.

If you prefer trivial games, there are tons of free ones for you to play now. Text or Die is just one of them and it’s a light-hearted game that the whole family can enjoy. Can you survive at the end of the level? The good news is, if you know your general knowledge and vocabulary, you can! We recommend giving our game a try today.

Enjoy playing with many levels

What questions will you answer? In-Text or Die, a fun new site, offers so many levels. Each one is different, and it lets you answer a different question every time. One of the most common types of trivia questions is “name this.” The question could be something like “name a precious gem” or “name a planet.”


When it comes to answering a question, always give the longest answer possible. The more blocks you step on, the more sharks will appear! If you don’t provide a thorough answer, the water will rise and there will be no more blocks for you to step on.

Enter simple answers

One of this game’s perks is that it requires you to type in the answer. There are a lot of hints available that can provide you with different letters. In this new era, you need to make sure you have the best answers. In the past, this was a fun game to play with your family and friends. But with rising waters, it is important to be prepared for what’s next.

This game is so realistic. The graphics are so realistic that you’ll be on the edge of your seat, wondering if you will survive. The game hinges on your ability to provide extended answers.

Realistic visual graphics

You’re not into trivia games. You find them boring, but Text or Die is different. It offers the best gameplay you’ve ever seen. Out of all the games here, this one is the most exciting. The graphics are realistic, making for a very real survival experience. Your ability to provide the most creative, elaborate responses is key to your success.


If you’re addicted to trivia games, then download Text or Die mod apk no ads for free and answer the longest questions first!



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