Tiny Auto Shop 2 Mod APK v1.0.44 1.1.10 (Unlimited Money)

By Aliens L.L.C - F.Z
Released on
Feb 6, 2023
Oct 25, 2023
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For those who need a rush, there’s no better way to put your foot on the accelerator than to launch into an automotive career. Open up shop and show that you can work as fast as any car – service ’em all with speed!

As the leader of your car repair and maintenance team, you have a vital role: Provide top-notch service for every vehicle that passes through your doors. From sleek sports cars to trusty family minivans – no job is too big or small. Install only quality auto parts in any make or model, then give each one an unbeatable wash finish with professional care! Get ready…the engine’s running on opening day at your premier garage business!

Take the wheel and experience a whole new level of thrills with your very own auto-car garage! Get behind the scenes of an exciting mechanic lifestyle, as you skillfully fix up any vehicle – from minivans to speedsters. With each successful repair job, watch proudly as excited customers ride off upon their newly-tuned rides!

Are you ready to take on the exciting journey of building your car garage’s reputation? Manage a team of premier auto mechanics, striving for customer satisfaction while conquering increasingly challenging levels. Can you manage time and resources effectively along the way?

Maximize your garage services and become a master of car tuning! Upgrade to the best auto parts, and quickly tune up minivans, buses, or sports cars with top performance. Let our specialist help you work smarter, not harder!

Revise your engines and get ready to unleash some serious speed! Your customers are counting on you – it’s time to push the pedal, hit the gas, and deliver what they want. It’s showtime in the car garage: let there be a drift of excitement!



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