Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle MOD APK 1.6.14 (Free Rewards)

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Feb 22, 2021
Jan 23, 2024
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Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle MOD APK – Make your machine come alive.coat the road in your opponents’ oil and gas. Soar to glory, bright and shiny! Equip your car with a wide array of post-apocalyptic weapons and nitro powered gear, then take on the crazy road as you race, flip and battle towards first place!

Introduce about Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle

Road Warrior is situated on a renowned racing track where drivers from all around the compete at the start of every season. However, this isn’t your average fast-paced race. You’ll face tough competitors and endure hazardous conditions while trying to avoid being hit by bombs or bullets. There will be some helpful tools available during the journey, but you’ll need to meet certain requirements before unlocking them. So come on in and join the fun!

Introduce about Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle

Special skills to prepare

Road Warrior is a difficult road, and players will need to meet the requirements of speed, toughness, and endurance. In particular, you will have to be in peak mental condition to face the challenges ahead. Different warship combats will become available as you progress through the game. You’ll start with a low-class car but can better your experience with each race until you’re driving the best cars money can buy!

Road Warrior will also have a selection panel with different equipment and spare parts for you to choose from. These items will be stylish and tailored to your car. By showing your fighting spirit through a flag, or adding different gun installations, you can change the image of your car while also getting impressive performance.

The race takes place on impressive terrain

Players will be placed into a table that includes people from all around the world. For meetings and conversations, Road Warrior is an excellent choice. The main match took place in a sandy desert environment. In addition, when arranging mountains that make movement difficult for you, the system will raise the difficulty level. While driving at high speeds, you must shoot the weapon while staying on target and keeping speed. The vehicle’s life and damage indicators will be updated rapidly via the control bars’ various displays.

Impossible quests

If you’re up for a challenge, continue the story of a racing legend from the past. Will you be able to win titles in multiple leagues and rise to the top level? Complete the assigned activities and leave a remark below. Every day, the sound, pictures, and information will be improved.

Key features of Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle MOD APK

Key features

  • Enroll in worldwide groups and participate in dramatic confrontations with other players.
  • Successfully complete the skills of a variety of characters, leading to a high rank for the competition’s entire content.
  • Choose the appropriate automobile for your abilities, add special equipment to get the whole vehicle.
  • Join the exciting race on the sand and help other players reach their destination.
  • After the game is over, collect gold and diamonds; increase your abilities through each round.


Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle is an attractive racing game with many interesting features. The game will give players a sense of discovery and new experiences. Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle will be a great choice for you if you are looking for a new and exciting game to play. Download Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle MOD APK now and start your adventure!


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