Survival 456 But It's Impostor Mod APK v1.8.4 (Unlimited Money)

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Nov 16, 2021
Mar 5, 2024
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Survival 456 But It’s Impostor MOD APK is a thrilling and action-packed game that plays out like the Squid Game series. Being one among 456 participants and awakens your survival instincts. You must act as though your life depends on every move you make in this situation! Keep in mind that you lose your life if you lose a game level. As a result, completing all game levels requires quick reflexes, complete focus, and a very strong attitude.

Run as quickly as you can to the finish line to avoid being seen by the killer doll. Only the first five competitors who cross the finish line will live. Therefore, move quickly if you want to be one of these five players. You run the risk of experiencing the worst if you are not among the top 5.

Survival 456 But It's Impostor Mod

What is special about Survival 456 But It’s Impostor? 

Survival 456 But It’s Impostor is a great blend of two-hit properties: the Netflix series Squid Game and the party video game Among Us. In this creative mashup from Great Arcade Games, you play as a participant of the games. But you have special abilities that give you the upper hand. Your skill determines whether you succeed in the games or not.

Survival 456 But It’s Impostor distinguishes itself from other Squid Game-inspired survival games, such as Squid Game: 456 Survival and 456: Squid Game Challenge, by incorporating gameplay elements from the asymmetric multiplayer game and adding supernatural elements.

Unlike other apps, Survival 456 But It’s Impostor includes all of the Korean folk games featured in the show. This includes Red Light, Green Light, Glass Bridge, Tug of War, and the Dalgona Candy game. These games have simple game mechanics, but winning them can be difficult, if not frustrating at times. Regardless of your abilities as an impostor, there is no guarantee that you will triumph.

It isn’t entirely unique in terms of graphics, but it seems intriguing. Consider rendering everything in an Among Us visual style, just like in Squid Game. The Red Light, Green Light doll and the creatures wearing jumpsuits both have the recognizable astronaut-style plastic bubble. This makes the game more enjoyable, which results in an excellent casual experience.

Finally, the controls are simple, obvious, and precisely mapped on the touch screen. For show fans in particular, the rules are also straightforward. But other players find this game frustrating because of how challenging it is. The difficult levels are more challenging than the easy ones, making the competition fiercer. You get several minutes of repetitive game time when you combine this with the already difficult stages.

Overall, Survival 456 But It’s Impostor takes the best parts of both source materials and transforms them into something that isn’t entirely unique but is thoroughly enjoyable. It helps you with your impostor skills, but the games are still difficult enough that you can fail. The cute design style of Among Us is used in the game, which adds to the enjoyment of this short, casual experience.

Survival 456 But It's Impostor Apk

What is the point of Survival 456 But It’s Impostor MOD APK on TechToDown website?

At first, there are only two unlocked games, the rest requires you spend money to unlock. That is where Survival 456 But It’s Impostor MOD APK comes to help. This MOD gives access to the Unlimited Money option. As such you can unlock and enjoy all the games without having to spend your hard-earned cash. More than that, with the Survival 456 But It’s Impostor MOD APK, you can unlock as many free skins as possible. Play with many skins and become the unbeatable champion.

Key features of Survival 456 But It’s Impostor MOD APK:

  • Unlimited Money
  • All game unlocked
  • Unlimited Skins
  • No ads

Should I download Survival 456 But It’s Impostor MOD APK from TechToDowwn?

Would you like to become participant number 456? Download Survival 456 But It’s Impostor MOD APK right now. Beat off other competitors and be the only one who wins 45.6$ billion Golden Piggy Bank.


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