Roller Ball 6 Mod Apk 6.4.7 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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Jan 8, 2024
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Roller Ball 6 MOD APK is a classic platform game in which we must assist a smiley ball in overcoming various obstacles in order to save all of his buddies. The game doesn’t add anything new to the platform genre, but it may win over any gamer’s heart with its simple controls, good graphics, and escalating difficulty.

Introducing to Roller Ball 6

Roller Ball 6 is a soothing adventure game with light and pleasant gameplay that allows you to explore a vibrant universe dedicated to balls. Although the game has a simple design, it is appropriate for all ages and successful in making everyone happy.

The game begins with malevolent minions carrying out a very heinous conspiracy to turn the planet into a square. So you’ll be controlling a circular character who goes from right to left while rolling through a 3D environment filled with obstacles and traps.

All we have to do is utilize three buttons (two for moving left and right and one for jumping) to avoid obstacles and avoid various traps. Its operation is similar to that of other classic games, such as Mario Bros., with the same way for dispatching some of the adversaries in our path – leaping on top of them.

Roller Ball 6 Mod

The first few levels will feel like a tutorial, but as we progress, the levels will become increasingly tough. In the meantime, the graphic design and quality are rather good. In summary, this is a fun platform game with the following features and functions:

Simple controls

When you begin playing, you will immediately become accustomed to the controls. The left side of the screen will have an arrow indicating whether the ball should move right or left. To make the ball jump, press the up arrow on the right side of the screen. Depending on the course, the player can actively navigate at will.

Roller Ball 6 Apk

More than 100 levels to play

When you start playing Roller Ball 6, you will face numerous different levels. Roller Ball 6 has supplied over 100 games, allowing each gamer to showcase their individual abilities. Each level of play has its unique set of challenges, and the difficulty will steadily increase. Explore each level to achieve the highest score as rapidly as possible.

Dangerous monsters

The road will not only encounter obstacles, but also creatures. They will halt you at every turn, putting you in a difficult situation. Some of the monsters you must confront include the Spit Shooter, spider, and pointy cactus. They will do whatever to put you in risk when relocating.

Furthermore, they all have a variety of special skills that can cause you to exit the game at any point. As a result, rapid reactions and skillful control are essential. Finish the assignment while avoiding all other opponents. Fight them, and don’t allow the ball fall into the traps that the monsters have put up. The number of opponents will also increase; pay care to win!

What to expect to Roller Ball 6 MOD APK?

Roller Ball 6 is not difficult to play, but it is also easy to lose if you are not focused. The pitfalls will occur on a regular basis, disrupting the movement process. Many fascinating events await gamers as they progress to the following levels.

And for those of you who to get the most out of this game, we highly recommend you download the Roller Ball 6 MOD APK on our website for some additional features. As such, you can enjoy the game to its fullest without having to spend your real money.

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • All unlocked


Everything is ready; do you want to start playing? If yes, download Roll Ball 6 MOD APK and demonstrate your ability to control the ball and confront all opponents.


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