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Today, a lot of young people enjoy dancing as a sport. A person who wants to learn to dance, however, will require a specific path and teacher. You need to join a course that can cost hundreds of dollars, go to the gym, and sign up for it in order to get there. Why not try STEEZY MOD APK instead, a top-notch dance practice app that offers quality above and beyond the required courses?

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Introduce about STEEZY

One of the artistic forms of entertainment that has many appealing qualities is dancing, which is also good for your health, helps you build endurance, keeps you in shape, and gives the participants a lot of happy feelings. However, not everyone can play or practice this subject. It is best to visit a dance studio where you can regularly engage in exercise, have a teacher and live dance partner, and listen to music.

We may not all have the time or resources to do that, though. If you belong to that group, we have a better solution for you: With a simple and practical application like STEEZY, you can learn to dance at home.

When using this app, you can enjoy:

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Lots of best dance courses

As you know, there are many different types of dances, such as hip-hop, open style, dance workout, jazz, locking, and more. The characteristics and exercises will vary depending on the type of dance. Therefore, practicing any type of dance will be challenging for you if you are a beginner, and you also may not know where to begin. But with STEEZY, users will be given a clear path from beginner to expert. Anybody who wants to enroll can choose from more than 800 classes on a range of subjects and skill levels.

Users can choose their preferred sport and dance level when they first access the app and enter a little personal information. Then, they can pick trusted professionals to join them during their training sessions. The best dancers and instructors can be found at STEEZY, and all of their staff members have received specialized training and certification. Thus, they will aid in your daily progress so that you can soon transform your home into a real dance studio.

Intuitive exercises

A high-definition, audio-rich video with dance lessons is available. Because of this, users can choose the number of loops they want, watch any dance repeatedly at their preferred speed, and follow every move. Dancers will demonstrate slow-to-fast dance steps so that learners can understand them more quickly and retain them longer. Music, of course, is essential in addition to that. You can dance to the music, listen to it while you move your body, and observe it in the mirror.

The difficulty level of each lesson will vary depending on the level the user selects. The dance steps won’t be too challenging if they choose the beginner level, and practice time will also be brief. But after some practice with each lesson in a route, the difficulty will be increased. If the user selects an intermediate or advanced level, however, the lessons will typically go over 20 minutes and involve challenging movements. Additionally, the challenge is always getting harder so that students can push themselves.

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Daily view your accomplishments

The “See Yourself” section allows users to review their academic history after a school day is over. If you go here, you can view the corresponding video to review the exercises you have already learned. By doing this, you can also determine your level of learning, how much progress has been made, and whether you are learning continuously. Users need those things in order to monitor their training and assess their level of jumping in order to create an appropriate adjustment strategy, if needed.

Download the latest version of STEEZY MOD APK

As you can see, there’s no need to go to the gym or spend hundreds of dollars learning to dance if you already have STEEZY. The regular version is free to download from Google Play. However, if you require advanced and intensive dance practice, you should try the Premium version, which is available for free at TechToDown. You read that correctly. With this MOD, you can use all of the premium features without paying a dime.

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MOD features:

  • Premium unlocked
  • No ads


By now you have got everything about STEEZY MOD APK. What are you waiting for? Get it installed on your phone and learn dancing now!


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