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New language is a big opportunity. Are you dreaming about ordering tapas in Barcelona, preparing yourself for a job interview in French or simply talking to your loved one in his mother tongue? Then you must realize that feeling comfortable with different languages broadens our horizons on various matters. Babbel – Learn Languages is a popular app that claims it will help you speak confidently with others. Is it worth the investment? Read this review and find out the features, advantages, demerits of Babbel as well as if it is the right tool for your language learning requirements.Are you looking for Babbel – Learn Languages? This extensive review will fill you in on what you need to know. We are going to talk about everything like how the app functions and its pricing structure based on your objectives during learning.

What’s Babbel and how does it work?

Babbel teaches subscription-based language programs available in many tongues, including such popular ones as Spanish, French, German and Italian. Babbel prides itself as being practical thus assisting its learners to build a foundation of conversational skills.

Key Features

  • Bite-sized lessons: Learning has been simplified by breaking down materials into manageable 10-15 minute lessons.
  • Interactive exercises: A variety of interactive exercises include matching, fill-in-the-blanks, listening exercises, dialogue practice etc through which an individual can learn any foreign language successfully. You can use babble’s speech recognition technology to improve pronunciation and get immediate responses from teachers.
  • Focus on real-world conversation: So basically these courses teach phrases most often used such as meal ordering, asking directions or introducing oneself at least.Babbel usually focuses its attention of real-life situations hence making their use more contextual than theoretical.
  • Structure: Each lesson on Babbel includes vocabulary items, grammar rules and examples illustrating their use. Such a well-organised way helps beginners make progress gradually while covering all aspects of the language from words to basic forms.



User-friendly interface and structured learning paths are some of the most useful features that Babbel offers to their clients, especially those who are starting from scratch or trying to refresh their knowledge on a language. The emphasis placed on practical conversations makes it easier for people to become confident when they find themselves in simple real-life situations. Nevertheless, the cost of subscription might be expensive and repetitive drills can bore other students. Furthermore, while valuable as an introduction, Babbel may prove not enough for those advanced learners who need fluency and deep conversation practice. It is always good to try out Babble’s free trials or introductory lessons so as to decide whether its kind of teaching matches one’s style of learning or objectives pursued in studies.

My experience with Babbel at

I want to share my honest experience trying Babbel so you can get a better idea of what it is like.  I chose their course in Spanish, as I already knew a bit and wanted to improve.   What I loved was that the first lessons on Babble throw one straight into basic conversations and useful vocabulary. This way, repeating some expressions ensured that they stuck in my mind. The voice recognition system was not always perfect, but it allowed me to practice pronunciation. Still, after sometime, I found some of the exercises too basic for my needs. Additionally, there were no cultural insights and subtle explanations that could be found in other language learning resources.I have experimented with different ways of learning languages from classroom courses to grammar books. The strength of this online platform is its user-friendliness and emphasis on oral communication.On the other hand, when compared with resources offering more insight into grammatical issues or deeper historical contexts, it felt somewhat limiting for what I needed in long term perspective.

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Who is Babbel Best Suited For?

Ideal Users

Babbel has been designed to fit into a range of language learners. If you are new to a language and have no experience with it, Babbel’s beginner courses provide you a clear path upon which to construct your foundation. It is also essential for casual learners who want to acquire a language for travel, family connection or out of curiosity as its vocabulary is practical and its lessons are bite-sized. Additionally, if you have studied another language before but now wish to refresh the vocabulary and grammar that you learned earlier, Babbel can serve this purpose effectively. Lastly, Babbel suits some people better because they like it when there is systematicity in what they do; the system may include well-outlined lessons, explanations on grammar and progression from one lesson to the next.

Less Ideal

Babbel may be not very useful though in striving towards fluency or having detailed knowledge in highly specific words (such as medical jargon or technical terms used in law). Those who have attained advanced levels and would like to perfect conversational skills or learn more subtle aspects of language use might consider this method too elementary.If you’re exploring different language learning apps, you might also be interested in Duolingo, another popular option. Similar to Babbel, Duolingo offers gamified lessons and a focus on practical language skills. Check out our review of Duolingo: Language Lessons on to see how it compares.

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Babbel is a well-designed language learning app with many benefits which are more suitable for beginners and casual learners. It comes with step by step classes, the simplest user interface, and emphasizes conversation so that one may start off in an unfamiliar language easily. However, take time to think about its charges vis-à-vis your long-term goals as well as learning style.I suggest you try Babbel free trial period for a test drive.If you like its structured style, practical vocab focus and easy-to-use system then it’s worth adding to your foreign language learning toolkit


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