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Welcome to Slime Village MOD APK – Dive into a slimetastic hero production extravaganza, conquer bosses, and create an unstoppable slime army!

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Coins (buy in shop)
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Soul Stars
  • Game Speed
  • No Ads


Welcome to Slime Village, a magical place where cute slimes and idle tycoon gameplay rules! Are you in search of an enchanting and addictive mobile game to kill your time? Look no further. It is an adorable strategy game that mixes resource management, hero collection and strategic battles with colourful visuals and oddball characters.


Gameplay Deep Dive

Slime Factory Management

At the core of Slime Village is your vast slime factory; it’s a crowded place where those adorable slime creatures are born and raised. The goal as the manager of this factory is maximizing its production capacity while ensuring there remains a good supply of heroes.

Indeed the construction as well as upgrading factories is vital regarding increasing slime output. There are some different factories which produce various types of slimes:

  • A Basic Slime Factory: Produces average balanced stat slimes.
  • Warrior Slime Factory: Makes stronger warrior slimes for longer duration.
  • Mage Slime Factory: These ones have more powerful magic abilities that normal kinds.
  • RogueSlimeFactory: Agility, stealthy rogue slimes are produced here.
  • SupportSlimeFactory: Healing, buff giving slimes are produced here.

As you progress in the game, more advanced factories will become available that will produce better, rarer slimes. To get maximum efficiency from your slime production process, carefully choose where you want them to be located and upgrade them properly.

Slime Hero Training

The backbone of your adventure at Slime Village rests on these slimy heroes who take diverse classes each possessing their own strengths and weaknesses:

  • Warriors – They are tankier than other classes and prefer melee fights.
  • Mages – With weak close quarters they possess strong spells.
  • Rogues – Quick movement speed but low HP; high damage per second (DPS).
  • Supports – They heal and boost the allies in battles.

For you to realize the maximum potential of your slimy heroes, it would be necessary for you to concentrate on training and evolving them. Upgrading levels in slimes increases stats, unlocks new skills. As they evolve into more powerful forms, they gain better abilities. Moreover, their power as well as survivability can be increased by arming them with weapons, armours or accessories.

Combat and Boss Battles

Slime Village is not just about constructing factories and training heroes; rather it involves engaging in intense combats against various enemies. The system of combat is simple yet strategic; for this reason, it requires deploying slime heroes smartly and efficiently utilizing their skills.

Each slime hero comes with its own unique battle abilities that can be activated during fights. Warriors may do devastating close combat actions while mages might perform powerful spells while rogues tend to move very fast acting like assassins when attacking from behind. Additionally, supporting slimes are either able to heal others or provide buffs during hard fights.Synchronization alongside timing is important especially in some challenging boss encounters if one wants to win.

Bosses are tough adversaries that must be approached with a strategy in mind at all times. There are different attack patterns as well as weak points for each boss which require taking advantage of them so that you come out victorious. This will reward you with valuable resources once bosses have been defeated at the same time unlocking new content which makes these enemies an integral part of your journey at Slime Village.

Idle Progression and Automation

It has an idle progression system that is so attractive in Slime Village. Even when not playing actively, your slime factories still produce resources and your heroes keep gaining experience points. It enables you to continue progressing even when you have other things to do.

You can also automate certain actions within the game for smoother gameplay. For example, automatic slime production, hero training and resource collection can be set up. This way, you are able to explore new areas or fight bosses or try out different slime combinations as other things are being done for you.

The idle progression combined with automation make Slime Village a great game for casual gamers who want something that rewards without grinding away at it for hours on end.


Tips & Tricks from Slime Village Experts

Are you ready to take your Slime Village gaming experience one step further? Use these pro tips and tricks to optimize your strategy and maximize potential of your empire:

Best Factory Layouts

Developing efficient factory layouts is crucial in maximizing both slime production rates as well as resource collection rates. These tips come from experienced players:

  • Priority Placement: Put factories producing vital resources near/far away from the central parts of a village, which will cut down on travel time of slimes working there.
  • Clustering Similar Factories Together: Have all factories generating similar types of slimes in close proximity to each other leading to streamlined production process plus faster upgrades.
  • Use Space Wisely: Positioning rather than leaving spaces unnecessarily open or occupied by machines should help you get most from limited area available.
  • Plan Ahead: As you go through the game, leave some space vacant where future factory improvements may eventually be accomplished.

Hero Building Guides

Besides that Heroes with good builds win more games than those with subpar builds in Slime Village. Bear these suggestions in mind while assembling your slimy team:

  • Keep Synergy High In Mind: Every hero must have strengths and weaknesses that work well with their respective teammates. For instance, a high damage warrior can be accompanied by a support slime that provides healing and buffs.
  • Don’t Depend on a Single Class of Heroes: It is advisable to have all types of heroes. A balanced team comprising warriors, mages, rogues and support slimes will prove much more flexible in the face of various challenges.
  • Develop Skills: Spend your resources in enhancing the strengths of your heroes plus mitigating their weaknesses. Try out different combinations among them to see what works for your particular style of play.
  • Upgrade Wisely: Picking which heroes are upgraded most during battles saves time and resources. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin by upgrading every hero at once.

Efficient Resource Management

Resources are everything within your Slime Village empire since they power its growth and progress. Here are some tips for efficient resource management:

  • Start with Upgrades first: Start investing in factories, heroes or equipment upgrades which shall make the most significant impact on your gameplay using your resources.
  • Don’t Stockpile: Use up resources rather than hoard them as this is how you’ll level up, expand and progress through slime empire.
  • Finish Daily Quests: Make sure not miss daily quests because they award players with some valuable rewards like resources, gold even rare items sometimes.
  • Attend Events: Keep an eye open for special events as these usually come with unique prizes and many chances to get more stuff much faster.

The game really surprises with its hidden secrets and Easter eggs. Though it is difficult to discover these gems, once you do, they add an extra layer of fun and excitement to your gaming experience.



Slime Village is a mobile game that will keep you glued to your phone screen as it is truly captivating and addictive. The game has captured the hearts of many players worldwide since it offers idle tycoon mechanics combined with RPG elements in addition to having cute slime characters.


Is it possible to play Slime Village offline?

Yes, Slime Village has idle progression, where you can accumulate rewards and progress even when you are not actively playing.

What is the best way to combine slime heroes for various game modes or challenges?

Optimal combinations differ from case to case however a balanced team consisting of warrior, mage, rogue and support slimes as an initial starting point is usually advisable. Experiment with synergy that suits your style!

How do I organize my slime factory in such a way that it gives maximum output?

Prioritizing placement of essential resource-producing factories, grouping like factories together, efficient space utilization and future expansions planning.

Any tips on how to kill difficult bosses in Slime Village?

Learn the patterns of attack and weaknesses of the boss, utilize skills of your heroes wisely while considering healing and buffing up your team with supporting slimes.


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