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Aug 1, 2018
Oct 7, 2021
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Are you looking for an Android game that is easy to play and has a lot of replay value? Robot Tactics Mod Apk is the perfect game for you! This game is an action-packed, rotating strategy game with robots. You will be making your way through different levels in order to win valuable rewards. If you are looking for something new and exciting, download Robot Tactics: Real Time Robots War today!

About Robot Tactics Mod Apk

Robot Tactics Mod Apk

On Sunset Land cosmos, a hundred years ago, the high technology nation of the United States of Honor and the old school magic country of Paz Kings Union clashed in mech battles. The robot wars continue to this day, with mystics stealing numerous soldiers, angels, and mech warriors’ lives while also destroying the Allstar universe as we know it.

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The astonishing marvel “Vera Mercenary” was formed by a group of iron forces and Allstar mercenaries who rose to prominence after winning several difficult legion conflicts by employing war robots, and they’ve decided to conclude the robot wars contest tomorrow. In this game, you’ll play the part of an essential elite mercenary seeking for the finest individuals to join them in maintaining peace, including iron force, just like the well-known Gundam, Zoid, Raijin, whiplash, Hawken, the dawn of steel, vandalization saint Seiya clash robots.

Robot Tactics Mod Apk

Robot Tactics is a tactical and real-time RPG mech game. It combines several aspects, such as an RPG storyline, robot fights, card collecting, wargaming, alien shooter gaming, and social interaction with a unique turn-based strategy super mechs. With its unique old-school and fundamental modes of robots versus robots combat and limitless strategies and tactics of robot battle, players will be immersed in this mech game. One of the many outstanding features of this mech game is its open war robots design system. Aside from the intriguing main narrative and numerous sub-plots, players will be able to engage with other players from around the world in PVP robot battle and mech battle, cooperation tasks, and full-scale server war. Players will also encounter amazing anime figures in the game. And to make the gaming even more exciting, just like Cyrus! A CV (character voice) has been implemented into the game.

Robot Tactics Mod Apk

Rewards for winning

There are at least 30 rounds in the game’s Robot Tactics mode. When you complete the Association’s quest and your own, you’ll earn new accomplishments, receive numerous bonuses, and collect many items to boost your power. I control the character by tapping on the green arrow to direct him or her around. Use assaults and power-ups to destroy your foes.

Character information

When the fight begins, tap your avatar at the bottom left to check your damage calculation; the icon on the left appears to indicate that you are out of ammo and the icon on the right shows that the weapon is on cooldown. To create the greatest fighter, your robot system may be customized, deconstructed, and reconstructed. Free mecha shards may be collected to upgrade your warrior. Collecting free mecha shards will allow you to improve your warrior. Reconfigure, alter, and rebuild your robots with unique and varied equipment in order to build and upgrade them. Upgrading a robot involves collecting free mecha shards.

Robot Tactics Mod Apk

Connect with people around the world in Robot Tactics Mod Apk

Players can interact and chat with other players all around the world while battling in PVP and PVG modes. During fights, you can engage and converse with other players to establish new and like-minded allies to battle alongside. Robot Tactics has created an on-screen tutorial for beginning players to easily understand how to play the game. The characters’ design is also elegant; the appearance of the characters, as well as their voices, are combined in such a way that it creates a more realistic atmosphere.

Robot Tactics Mod Apk

You’ll find that the game has quite a bit of strategy to it, and it’s pretty exciting. The game is fast-paced and action-packed. Fight for justice with influential robot wars in the game waiting for you to discover. While playing the game, quickly give yourself moments of relaxation and enjoyment!


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