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Feb 22, 2022
Sep 10, 2023
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Download Revolution Diabolique MOD APK (MOD Menu) latest version for Android. The French Revolution is about to begin! Will you defend the Republic, restore the monarchy, take control of France yourself, or lose your head?

Chris Conley’s “Revolution Diabolique” is an interactive dark fantasy novel with a length of 425,000 words. It’s text-only and lacks any visuals or sound effects, and it’s powered by your limitless imagination.


As a demonologist in 18th-century France, you may research the world’s most dangerous forbidden magic on your rural estate in safety. You can call forth a stunning range of demons: some creep about your foes silently to sow doubt and diversion; others appear as terrifying monsters; and still others help you discover even more mysteries of the cosmos.

Whatever your intentions, you can’t stay out of politics for long. Every group – monarchists, democrats, peasants, intellectuals, anarchists – would like to take advantage of your abilities. Where will you send your malevolent spirits? Will you unleash their power on the battlefield to assist or stymie the Revolution’s armies – or head straight for Paris? Will you create a political organization with the covert knowledge that you have acquired? Will you start a new religion dedicated to demons in order to inspire them?


All power, however, comes at a cost, and as you rise in rank, you will have to give up something: your reputation, money, or safety… perhaps even your life.

When the dust has settled, will it be you who reigns supreme in France?

  • Play as a guy, girl, or nonbinary; gay, straight, bisexual, ace, or polyamorous.
  • Rise to head a group of monarchists, aristocracy, farmers, or humanists.
  • Use your superior power to alter the narrative of history, or take down your personal foes.
  • Create an opulence that rivals Versailles.
  • Bring demonology back into the light and let it take its place in France’s most elegant salons and schools.
  • Crush rebellious territories with your demonic and military might, or join their rebellion against Paris
  • A Parisian professor, a decorated military veteran, or a mystical philosopher can be your lover in the Revolution.
  • Use your powers to transcend death itself, or lose your head to the guillotine.


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