Idle Miners Settlement Mod APK v4.35.0 (Unlimited Money/Resources) Download

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Nov 3, 2020
Jun 7, 2024
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Idle Miners Settlement Mod APK – the latest version for Android. This RPG game will turn you into a real miner

  • Frozen Money/Resources

NOTE: Need enough first.



If you are looking for a game with a refreshing theme to relax in your spare time, Idle Miners Settlement Mod Apk will take you to quiet places and experience the exciting feeling of mining. This is a classic clicker game without slowing down the pace, and you will have your stress relief moments.

Why download Idle Miners Settlement Mod Apk?

What is Idle Miners Settlement?

Idle Miners Settlement is a pixel game where you will be taken to a little village with miners. Miners have worked hard to build and develop a prosperous village. However, an accident happened, and the settlement was devastated.


You must reorganize the exploitation of rich minerals in the local mine to recover it and return inhabitants. To accomplish so, you will need to recruit new miners, provide them with the appropriate equipment, and support them with the help of loyal Pets.

What is special in Idle Miners Settlement Mod Apk?

If you want to hire more miners, buy items to improve the village, you will pay in-app cash from the Google Play store. Each item costs from $0.99 to $14.99, so you will spend a certain amount of money to buy items when experiencing this game. But you don’t need to worry anymore, because we will bring to your attention Idle Miners Settlement Mod Apk with an infinite amount of money. You can buy anything to improve your village, buy new tools for mining and much more without paying anything.

Features in Idle Miners Settlement

Attractive gameplay

Idle Miners Settlement’s gameplay is incredibly simple which combines two genres: time management and clicker. You will start with only one mine mouth and a limited number of resources.


So, you need to supply ore for smelting, pick up materials, and give over and receive money on your own. You will find all available resources, set up mine operations, process the rock, and sell it for a profit, all while keeping an eye on the employees’ well-coordinated work.

Your mission in this game

Idle Miners Settlement, you will transport you to a quiet life in a small town surrounded by wild natural scenery rendered in simple. Your mission in this game is to restore the abandoned settlement to live by completing exciting quests.

You will need to collect resources in forests or caves full of diamonds, it’s not difficult to complete the work in a few simple steps. In addition, you will collect stuff, then unlock pets and use the materials you find to construct a home. You may become the best pet keeper in the world, and your pets will automatically complete the duty for you. Unlocking as many pets as possible will speed up the construction of your world.

Many different types of minerals

In the game, you can exploit many kinds of mineral resources. You can find around a dozen different types of minerals such as coal, rubies, gold, emeralds, crystal, diamonds, amethysts, and much more. Each resource has its own equipment needs and is quite expensive. The process of finding these resources is fascinating and simple.

Add your friends to enjoy

You can interact with your friends or the individuals you meet when developing your village by yourself. You can make friends with their neighbors at the airport or train station, swap items, and even trade animals. Enjoy this game, accumulate enough diamonds to improve the level and uncover more interesting things, share more admiration into your extreme with your friends.


Impressive graphics and sound

Graphics in this game is impressive with pixel visuals, but it has a lot of unusual objects. You will encounter wild natural scenes designed with simple but highly detailed visuals, mimicking a new open universe. Besides graphics, you can hear soothing music, which further adds to the enjoyment of the project.

FAQs about Idle Miners Settlement Mod Apk?

How to find or make leather in this game?

You can obtain leather by slaying the green goblins on the dungeon’s third floor. You can create an elven blade to make enough damage from 5 swords, 18 fangs, and 5 golden bars. If you don’t have the blueprint for gold bars, just create the sword and hope it works.

How do I know what materials are needed to build a house?

To learn what materials are needed to build a house, you will move close to a decaying house and tap on the saw and ax icon – this icon is the rebuild icon. For example, if you want to rebuild the trainer house, you will need to move next to it, then tap on the saw icon. You will see the resource requirements that you will need 15 wood to rebuild it. Download Idle Miners Settlement Mod Apk and enjoy this vintage mining and crafting game that you’ll immediately fall in love with. You will become the renovator of the village. Exploring the will aid in the gathering of new materials as well as the unlocking of new pets capable of assisting the settlement.


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