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May 13, 2024
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Do you wish to learn more about math every day? Please download the QANDA app, which is available for Android phones and helps you study math.

Introduce about QANDA

In recent years, scientific technology has advanced considerably. Human life now has greater convenience as a result of this development. QANDA is Korea’s most popular educational software, which makes use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. You can learn how to solve math issues easily and effectively right now on your Android phone instead of spending all day looking for a technique. Instead of wasting time searching for a method, you may learn it from other people.


This post will provide a summary of QANDA, as well as its features and usefulness. You can then decide whether or not to download the program for yourself.

What is QANDA?

The term QANDA stands for QUESTION AND ANSWER. Perhaps this is because the application works in a similar manner to the name. The major function of QANDA is to assist you in obtaining answers (either exact or comparable) based on the supplied input question. You’ll use your device’s camera to snap a picture of the question, then touch search after that.

How does QANDA Mod APK work?

When QANDA receives a picture containing the question, it will automatically detect letters, numbers, math, or text on paper and look for the answer. Note that the QANDA did not answer the question correctly. It looks for similar problems/questions from other users on the forums and returns the results for you. In this way, you get more answers with different problem approaches instead of sticking to a single method. This is the most significant distinction between QANDA and Photomath, the two most popular educational apps nowadays.

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Easily help you solve math problems at school

Currently, QANDA provides homework knowledge and solutions for three education levels: elementary, middle, and high school. When you first start the app, you can select your current grade. Based on this information, the system will filter content to find results faster. Not only math knowledge, but QANDA also has a large community to help you solve exercises related to natural sciences like physics and chemistry. Furthermore, QANDA is also regarded as an app that encourages learning enthusiasm. Are you weary of studying alone, with no one to question? Do you get bored when studying and have no one to ask questions? This global community of millions of users is always ready to assist you in overcoming any challenges you may face. Following this, you’ll be more driven and enthusiastic about learning by joining a group dedicated to the same subject.

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Works as an English translation tool

QANDA also is a very helpful tool for English translation, translation, and research. Simply put, QANDA is an excellent English translation program. You only need to snap a photo of some text from English. The application will identify the words in the text and return their meanings. Many users have praised QANDA’s effectiveness, claiming that it works far better than Google Translate. The sentences were completely translated, read smoothly and grammatically, and so on. Of course, if it’s useful or if you want to leave a like or a dislike while still improving the quality of your app’s translations, feel free to do so.

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Q&A with tutors

Similar results that have been previously published will be found using machine learning technology. What if you don’t discover an answer or understand the solution to a problem? Don’t worry, QANDA has a large tutoring community where you may ask them questions and obtain the most comprehensive answers.

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The Q&A feature with tutors is free to use, but you’ll have to pay for tutors if you want to utilize it. If you want to use this function, swipe from the search icon to the question icon and then photograph the question. After that, a setup screen will appear on which you can add more information such as prior knowledge of what grade, subject (math, science, English), and post additional notes or pictures related to the question. The system will pair you with the most suitable tutor depending on this information. Currently, paying tutors costs between $1 and $2. You must pay coins if you wish to employ this feature.


QANDA Mod APK promotes learning and progress in a group by combining knowledge and solutions to “conundrum” challenges. The app is not only a source of information and solutions but also a place where individuals can learn and improve together.


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