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Another post-apocalyptic game has arrived on your phone! Puzzles & Survival MOD APK transports you to a zombie-infested world where you must look for survivors. But be cautious, because the number of infected people is growing by the day! Your mission is to guide every remaining human to safety. And in order to do so, you must construct and fortify your fortress in order to keep brain-eating zombies at bay.

Introducing to Puzzles & Survival

Puzzles & Survival is a survival role-playing game in which players are in charge of saving what is left of humanity. Nothing can stop the virus, and it continues to spread. Worse, the undead zombies are determined to infect every human left alive! Are you up for the task, with humanity on the verge of extinction? If you are, you should download and play Puzzles & Survival right away.

This isn’t your typical zombie-shooter. Rather, it is a combination of a strategy role-playing game and a match-3 puzzle game! At the start of the game, you must recruit and train your heroes to protect everyone from the various threats that surround your fortress or sanctuary. You can find several heroes to recruit at Noah’s Tavern. However, zombies aren’t the only thing you’ll have to be concerned about in this game.

Puzzles & Survival Mod Apk

You must also keep an eye out for opportunistic people! Aside from that, you must search for resources, rescue other survivors, and transport them to your sanctuary’s safety. You can also solve more mysteries along the way and establish a strong encampment for all survivors. The fate of humanity is in your hands in Puzzles & Survival! These are what the game has to offer:

  • To defeat zombies, you must solve several riddles.
  • An excellent combination of casual puzzle, strategy, and tactical war game.
  • A unique and fascinating post-apocalyptic adventure.
  • Enlist the aid of heroes to assist you with quests.
  • Create and improve weapons to easily exterminate the zombie planet.
  • Create a safe haven for all of your survivors while keeping zombies at bay.
  • Form alliances with other players and battle with them!
  • Be on the lookout for potential hazards, which could be zombies or people.

Tips for play Puzzles & Survival

Do you find yourself stuck in a campaign stage, struggling to defend your base against attackers, or simply looking for more efficient ways to improve your base-building and puzzle-solving abilities? Then we’re here to assist you with some Puzzles & Survival tips. Follow our guide to become better at the game.

Keep your facilities busy

Puzzles & Survival offers various types of facilities. The farm provides the food required for unit training. The lumber mill manufactures wood for construction. The virology lab is required for your heroes to advance in level. You can also have training facilities, research facilities, and many other things. Always keep them busy in order for them to produce enough resources to survive.

Take as much time as you need in battles

Most puzzle games use a timer to force players to make simple mistakes in judgment with every move they make. The match-3 puzzle in Puzzles & Survival is made even more threatening by the mobs of zombies that appear ahead of you, ready to attack with each turn.

As intimidating as the sights may be, there is no need to rush into combat because there are no time constraints to contend with. With this mindset, there is little to no pressure, allowing you to take as much time as you need to figure out the best possible moves, combos, and preps for each turn.

Join an alliance as soon as you can

Puzzles & Survival Mod Apk

In Puzzles & Survival, joining an alliance is critical to your survival. Fortunately, you can join one almost as soon as you begin exploring the world of the game. Finding the right alliance simply entails finding one that is active and has a large number of members. As a result, queue times in construction, training, and research can be reduced.

Make use of Puzzles & Survival MOD APK

Alternatively, there is another actual way to help you progress faster in Puzzles & Survival. That is through using the Puzzles & Survival MOD APK. This is a modified version that can save you from having trouble with in-game currency. It gives you an unlimited amount of money to your in-game account. With that large amount, you can upgrade your heroes and buy boosters for match-3 puzzles.

Final words

In conclusion, Puzzles & Survival MOD APK is an appealing game in the zombie series that combines a familiar survival style with match-3 levels. If you enjoy puzzles and zombies, download the game right now and use your brain to fight off hordes of zombies.



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