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YouTube is a popular video-streaming website that provides its users with a plethora of high-quality content to watch. YouTube has a video on almost every topic imaginable. While it has a lot of video content to offer its users, which is fantastic, it is not without flaws. Unstoppable ads that annoy you every now and then are one such issue. If you find these annoying ads and want to watch ad-free video content on YouTube, it’s time to download one of the best ad blockers for YouTube, such as Pure Tuber Premium APK. But before that, let us give you some more information about this app.

Pure Tuber Premium APK download

Introducing to Pure Tuber

YouTube, a Google subsidiary, is enormously popular among a wide range of people. According to estimates, approximately 1.8 billion people visit YouTube each month.

The majority of people use YouTube to find instructional videos, product reviews, or entertainment. Individuals can create their own YouTube channel to showcase their own talents and viewpoints, and entire episodes of television shows can be found there.

The disadvantage of using YouTube is that it contains advertisements. Although you are not required to watch a commercial before each video, it does appear to be excessive. Fortunately, Pure Tuber – one of the best ad blockers for YouTube – allows you to watch videos for hours without being interrupted by commercials. Why? Let us demonstrate what this app is capable of.

Pure Tuber Premium APK for android

Block annoying ads

Of course, the most important feature to discuss first is ad blocking. After you install Pure Tuber on your phone, it will affect your YouTube videos and remove the embedded ads. This is the artificial intelligence technology used by the publisher in the application. You don’t have to do anything because the application is completely automated. You will no longer see ads when watching videos on YouTube after that.

Play video in the background

When you use this app to watch YouTube, the video will always play even if you switch to another tab. It only comes to a halt when you close this application. You can play the video in the background so that it continues to play even when you exit Pure Tuber to use other social networking apps like Line, Messenger, WhatsApp, and so on.

Pure Tuber Premium APK techtodown

This app makes use of the minimization feature to display the video in a resizable and movable window in the corner of your screen. You can now do other things while still watching YouTube.

Watch videos on high quality

When you watch YouTube videos on Pure Tuber, you can easily change the quality in a variety of modes. It can play videos in any resolution from 144p to 8K, giving you the best possible viewing experience. You can also choose a default video quality for all of your videos. To set the default quality for the video to play, go to Gallery, select Settings, then Video & Audio.

Pure Tuber Premium APK mod

What is the point of the Pure Tuber Premium APK? 

Pure Tuber, as you can see, is a similar app that does not appear to have any ads while in use. YouTube is used to access all data and video content. As a result, you can rest assured that it will meet all of your entertainment needs.

Furthermore, the Pure Tuber Premium APK on our website will assist you in having a better experience by providing advanced features such as:

  • Decompressed Dex and Decrypted Resources
  • Super Compression
  • Auto-rotate is activated, only catches the direction when you click on the spread in the viewport
  • In landscape orientation, the video list display has been changed
  • Removed all entries in the profile window except settings
  • Unnecessary information deleted in the text will share
  • Disabled toast notification about ad blocking
  • Popular video notifications, quick search bar, and auto-switching videos are disabled by default
  • Partial additional translations, as well as minor cleaning of the forms in the interface


You will never be bothered by ads while watching YouTube again if you use Pure Tuber Premium APK. You can now fully enjoy interesting videos in the most comfortable way possible. Furthermore, this application is extremely light, weighing only 8MB, and will not consume any of your device’s memory. To begin the installation process right away, click on the link below.


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