Puma Image Compressor Mod Apk 1.0.80 (Premium Unlocked)

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Jul 8, 2020
Mar 26, 2024
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Puma Image Compressor Mod Apk is an image resizer application that reduces image size to save space for you. Download now to resize your photos at Techtodown

  • Premium Unlocked


Puma Image Compressor Mod Apk is a powerful tool that allows users to compress image files and change the size of their images. This app is free to use and provides an easy way for users to save space on their devices.

About Puma Image Compressor Mod Apk

With just a few clicks, Panda can help you resolve storage issues by resizing images – whether one or many. We believe in simplicity and creating an app that does exactly what it says without overwhelming users with too much information. Whether you’re looking for smaller photos or know precisely the resolution needed, Panda is here to assist!

About Puma Image Compressor Mod Apk

With Puma, you can compress your files to save space, and then choose how you want to save them whether it’s replacing the originals, attaching them in an email, or sending them to the cloud. We considered everything when we created this program! In addition to being simple and time-saving, Puma is also useful for a variety of tasks.

Simple photo crop

This app provides users with modern and attractive features that make cropping photos simple. With the option to manually or automatically crop, anyone can use this app- even those with no experience. Those looking for a more convenient photo-cropping method can take advantage of the automatic setting. Puma Image Compressor, Resizer makes it a breeze to scale and compress all your images in just a few tiny moments – simply enter the parameters you desire into preset mode.

Modes of Puma Image Compressor Mod Apk

  • Auto: With just a few clicks, you can pick your photos and choose from one of our presets. Your images will be compressed in no time!
  • File Size: You get to choose the file size that is perfect for you, from one of our presets or by inputting a custom value!
  • Resolution & Quality: With our app, you can pick your desired resolution and image quality at the same time!

Auto crop photo

This application’s modern features make cropping photos a breeze. Whether users want to crop the image manually or automatically, they can do so with ease. The best part is that players can choose the most beautiful photos and perform cropping effortlessly. With automatic cropping, users can speed up the image processing process. In preset mode, users simply need to enter their desired parameters and Puma Image Compressor, Resizer will do the rest. All your images will be scaled and compressed in just a few tiny moments very quickly.

Compress images

Puma Image Compressor, Resizer makes it easy to compress photos without any limitations. You can compress images to many different sizes and qualities depending on your needs, which will help free up space on the device you are using. With this function, players can download games and other applications without worrying about maxing out their capacity. Furthermore, users can compress image files and share them via email more easily. To achieve the best compression results, you need to closely observe and adjust the compression process.
Puma Image Compressor Mod Apk Download

Guaranteed image quality

By reducing the size and compressing, photos still look great and remain sharp. You can pick the level of resolution and image quality you want to store. Besides, these images can be quickly and easily uploaded to online forms. This application gives you the capability to use many distinct image formats, and the player isn’t restricted by anything. Also, comfortably compressed images are located in one directory that is easy to change.

Simple interface

This application provides users with a fantastic experience, featuring sharp images and clear content display. The coordinated colors of the application gently create a sense of excitement and are eye-catching. The words and features are displayed in great detail and are easy to use.


Puma Image Compressor Mod Apk is an excellent application that should not be missed, especially for those who regularly work with images. The player just needs to select the photos they want to compress and set the degree of compression. After a while, you will have many compressed images according to your requirements. Puma Image Compressor Mod Apk promises to save you time and space on your device. Let’s download and use Puma Image Compressor Mod Apk to experience it now!



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