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Image Size MOD APK – the ultimate image resizing app. Quickly resize your images to your desired dimensions with ease.

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In the ever-changing realm of image manipulation, it is very important to have the proper tools for photo manipulation and optimization. Image Size is an app that is here to revolutionize your approach to photos, regardless of whether you are a professional photographer or just someone who loves to take pictures on social media platforms. Image Size for Android devices is a powerful all-in-one cropping, resizing and editing application.

With Image Size, you will be in charge of your visual content. That means no more limitations as well as compromises on quality imposed by preset dimensions. This user-friendly app automatically adjusts images based on different targets like a social media profile or a website.


Features of the Image Size App

The Image Size tool goes beyond resizing alone; it offers several other features:

Precise Resizing Options

Image Size has several resizing options available:

  • Pixels: Forcing the image’s size fit to specific platform requirements by defining its exact width and height in pixels.
  • Percentage: Increase or decrease your image by percentage and keep it proportional.
  • Physical Dimensions: Such case is good for printing purposes or real life application where you can set measurements in millimeters, centimeters or inches.
  • Aspect Ratio Lock: Keep aspect ratio unchanged when resizing picture after picture without disturbing original proportions of an image.

Batch Resizing

Resizing multiple images at once saves time and effort. By applying the same settings for reduction of size to several pictures at once, this feature makes working with them easier.

Custom Presets

Create and save custom dimension presets that you frequently use. This feature comes in handy when posting on social media, changing profile pictures among others.

Image Quality Control

When saving your resized images using Image Size, adjust JPEG compression quality so that they maintain the perfect balance between file size and picture quality.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface was created for simplicity and ease of usage. Even people with no background in photo editing will quickly find their way around its features.

Sharing and Exporting

Sharing resized photos is easy as you can share them directly from the app to other platforms like social media, messaging apps or emails. Also, save your resize images for later use on your device’s storage media.

Image Size offers a suite of powerful tools that would appeal to both casual users and professionals. It allows you to take complete control over your picture so they exactly fit what you need.


Benefits of Using the Image Size App

Apart from convenience, Image Size application comes with numerous benefits for amateur and experienced photographers alike:

Optimize Images for Any Platform

Whether you’re uploading pictures on a website, sending via email or sharing on social media, Image Size ensures that images are just right for each platform. Don’t bother about poorly rendered blurred out or oversized images which don’t go well with this space.

Shrink File Sizes to Speed Up Sharing and Uploading

Taking up precious storage space on your device, large images can interfere with the uploading and sharing process. This program, through its Image Size feature, reduces the file sizes of photos with no loss of quality hence making it easier for you to share them with friends or family members or even load onto a website or certain social media platforms.

Improve Website Performance

Therefore, for website owners and bloggers, optimizing their pictures is key in shaping user experience as well as SEO. Using highly optimized non-optimized pictures will make your site take forever before loading thus increase bounce rates and lower search engine rankings. By compressing your images, this tool called the Image Size enhances performance of your website leading to an improved user experience.

Enhance Visual Appeal

However, cropping and resizing can greatly improve how a picture looks. You do away with any elements that are not wanted in the frame; concentrate on what matters most; form visually pleasing compositions. Take control of ordinary images using Image Size’s easy-to-use crop and resize tools to create stunning visuals.

Save Time and Effort

Doing these activities manually is cumbersome and time-consuming. Through this software known as Image Size Program you can resize multiple pictures within seconds by just pressing the right button on each photo all at once (Batch Resize). This saves time enabling you to be more creative in other areas.

Free and Accessible

On top of that, there is no subscription fee nor does it contain any in app purchases like many others do instead Image Size is absolutely free meaning that anyone can use it regardless of his budgetary allocations towards such applications.

Through this application called Image Size App, possibilities for enhancing one’s image collection become infinite! So whether you’re just a casual user wanting something better for your social media posts or a professional photographer who optimizes his portfolio, this app can take such pictures to the next level.



In a digital world saturated with imagery, Image Size is an essential resource for individuals who want to optimize their photos. Whether you are a social media expert, a professional photographer or just someone who loves capturing special moments; this app gives you back control of your visual content.

While Image Size excels at resizing and basic edits, if you’re looking to add a touch of vintage charm or nostalgic flair to your photos, you might want to check out Coffee Cam. This app offers a plethora of filters, effects, and editing tools that can transform your images into retro-style masterpieces. It’s a great companion tool to Image Size, allowing you to resize your photos first for optimal dimensions, and then apply Coffee Cam’s artistic filters for a unique and captivating look.


Can I resize images with Image Size without losing quality?

Yes, while saving your resized images, Image Size has this provision whereby you can adjust JPEG compression quality level. This feature provides an opportunity to maintain the required balance between reducing file size and image quality. In order to get the best compression settings which fit your needs, try different compression levels.

Does Image Size have preset dimensions for popular social media platforms?

Though there are no inbuilt presets for social media platforms in Image Size you can easily create and save these custom presets to be used often. Instagram, Facebook or Twitter images will never go wrong with you using this convenient feature that makes resizing process much easier.

Can I convert JPG into PNG using Image Size?

Image Size is mainly meant for resizing and other basic image editing tasks. On the other hand, several specialized apps or online tools exist that can assist with format conversions of pictures.

Is Image Size available on iOS devices?

Presently, only Android devices are able to access the APK version of Image Size hence making it not available on iOS platform. However, if you are using an iPhone there are many image resizer apps similar to this one on App Store which perform almost identical functions.

How does Image Size handle batch resizing of images with different aspect ratios?

Batch resizing option in Image Size has another choice where images original ratio is maintained during resizing so as not to distort them or make them lose their shape. But note that when doing this function it may lead to some cropping effect since others might not be having same ratio.


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