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November 4, 2021
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Pony City Mod Apk is an interesting role-playing game for dragon lovers with various kinds of lovely colorful dragons. The game is a perfect choice for you to get more gems in game. Download on your Android device and start building the most beautiful Pony City in the world!

About Pony City Mod Apk

This is a game for people who love one of the three mythical creatures described above. In this mythical realm, this unique species thrive, lives in harmony with humans, and creates magnificent cities.

In the game, you assume the role of a magician who controls a dragon. You must journey to discover this wonderful colorful world with your lovely Pony City. To help these intriguing creatures thrive, you’ll create Water Habitats, Fire Habitats… Portable cages for nurturing these fascinating animals by providing them multiple habitats. Your Pony City may explore freely and have fun while eating as much as they want.


Combine Dragons together

Let’s start with the basics: Unicorn, Pony, and Dragon. A unicorn is a mythical beast with a spiral-shaped horn growing out of its forehead and the appearance of a horse. Unicorns have long been featured in Greek mythology, as well as in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Unicorns are regarded as wild animals; their pure blood and healing magic horns allow them to become a symbol of elegance and learning. According to legend, only a virgin may control a Unicorn. Meanwhile, ponies are a tiny horse breed. Pony has several meanings depending on the situation. Ponies are horses who have yet to reach adulthood but have a mane rather than a tail. They are bigger than an adult dog but smaller than the parent horse. In gaming and animation, Pony is a term used to identify fairy horses. They have a horse’s body, mane, four legs, and wings for flight, as well as colorful hair with various enchantments. You may find them in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.


According to the ancient Egyptians, the Dragon is a reptilian creature that can breathe fire. It’s been said to have multiple heads and tails with each of them having its own pair of eyes. They’re powerful creatures that represent water gods in many cultures across the world. In some areas, people believe that the Dragon is nothing more than a small dinosaur with a horse’s head and wings, not a completely made-up beast. There are several opposing viewpoints on Dragons. Why do I have to discuss these three species in this post? Because I believe that Pony City is where these three ideas combine, where a species will be somewhat colored like Pony, Radiant purity like Unicorn, and Incredible strength like Dragon.


Pony care

Take care of gold dragons as if they were your own children by feeding them, cleaning out their habitats, and playing with them. You must also pay attention to each type while you’re raising a dragon. Use gold coins obtained while searching resources to upgrade key breeds at any time. The quicker they mature, the more they can assist you. Differentiating traits will vary by breed. Various characteristics are present in each Dragon-Pony, depending on the breed. Shapes, colors, hobbies, upbringing, and talents may all be different. The Fire breed can only thrive in a Fire Habitat setting and when fully grown, it will be able to assist you in using fire to combat other wild animals in this strange world.


When they’re big, they’ll join you in constructing the city of Pony even more magnificent. Some species will specialize in gathering gold coins and resources, while others will specialize in constructing buildings. Others will defend the city by engaging threats from the outside directly participating in fights against monsters that destroy it. The turn-based fighting system in Pony City is a little sluggish, but it’s still intriguing. In my opinion, the game’s profit center may be found in the integration of several types of play. You’ll have the same amount of things to do based on the dragon’s duties. As a result, building, battling, defending, and growing your force will continue until the city becomes wealthy, big, and developed dramatically.

Download Pony City Mod Apk

The game is simple and colorful, with entertaining gameplay in a non-dramatic environment. In one game, you may perform many activities. Pony City Mod Apk will provide hours of pleasant diversion.

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