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Apr 17, 2024
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Get the latest PictureThis MOD APK for in-depth plant recognition features. Explore an expansive botanical world with enhanced capabilities and no restrictions.

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NOTE: Force Close And use if it Crash


You have so many plants at home, but you don’t know the names of each plant or how to take care of them? Now PictureThis: Identify Plant, Flower, Weed, and More can help you better understand the plants in the world. It’s even possible with just one picture to know the name of a plant that you may have never seen before.


Introducing PictureThis

If you want to identify what kind of tree your plant is, then PictureThis is the perfect app for you. It teaches you how to take care of your plants in a significant way, which ensures that your plants are thriving. PictureThis helps you identify the specific disease that’s affecting them. This great feature helps you take better care of your plants and improves their functioning.

PictureThis MOD APK Gold Unlocked Free

Discover the botanical wonder

There are thousands of new flowers and plants in our world, and you can’t identify them all. But this app makes it easier, thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence. In different regions of the world, you’ll find rare and beautiful flowers. You don’t have the opportunity to visit these places, but you can learn about many different species from this app. The world is becoming more and more beautiful thanks to plants like these. And, while you may not know how they grow, our app will show you. You’ll be able to stay in one place and enjoy the beautiful landscapes created by these rare flowers, so wonderful! Our users take them, and they live all over the world.

PictureThis MOD APK Gold Unlocked Download

Identification of flowers and plants

It’s spring. You’re walking down the street and see some lovely flowers. You want to know more about them but it’s too much of a hassle – you just want to continue on your way. PictureThis is your answer. With this convenient, fast, and accurate app, you can learn about 10,000 different plant species, whether it’s cactus in arid deserts. You can even learn how plants work and grow with this app.

PictureThis MOD APK Gold Unlocked Download Free

Get advice from the garden network

PictureThis is the only database that has information about plants and how to care for them. If you want to save your plants, post information about it, and our horticulture experts will answer all your questions. There’s no need to worry if you come across any dangerous plants as we have it all covered. We will also post updates on the plant, such as its name or how to care for it.

PictureThis MOD APK Gold Free

Share your pictures in the community

PictureThis offers a virtual space that was specifically designed for community members to share their plant knowledge. You can see flowers that live in remote areas of the country, plus through the PictureThis application, you can also share your tree pictures or photos of plants you love with other members. Lastly, you can chat with friends from all over the world.


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