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Operate Now: Hospital is a medical simulation in which you will be in charge of the surgical department, but the game’s main focus is on completing the most complex operations correctly. Operate Now: Hospital Mod APK recreates the operation process in the most realistic way possible. Now is the time to experience it!

What’s the point of Operate Now: Hospital APK?

Build and manage a hospital in Operate Now: Hospital, a simulation game. You will be immersed in the atmosphere of a real hospital in this game. Where you work as a chief physician and hospital director in charge of construction, infrastructure management, personnel management, and patient scheduling.


Dealing with challenging instances is part of the job. Everything is run by a buddy to ensure that the hospital runs smoothly and without issues. Simultaneously, learn how to deal with circumstances as fast as possible.

Play the role of a talented surgeon

Now is your chance to play the part of a professional surgeon in the hospital. Your mission is to deal with surgery-related emergencies. A tragic crash will occur at the start of the game. A male patient is brought into your hospital right away.

In Operate Now: Hospital, this will be your first surgery. The operations will be simple to carry out. First, first aid, surgery, wound cleaning, and suturing steps are carefully guided so that you may learn how to play the game quickly. Keep your cool throughout surgery because making a mistake could put your life in danger.


Create your own hospital

Players must scale up, upgrade equipment, and establish a solid reputation in order to attract more patients to the hospital. This is a time-consuming process that cannot be completed in a day or two.

In Operate Now, your goal is to: The goal of the hospital is to build a massive structure with multiple floors. Each floor will be divided into many rooms, each of which will serve a different purpose. A reception room, an emergency room, a patient room, and a doctor’s room are all required.


Construct a larger garage and purchase more ambulances to transport injured people to the emergency room as soon as possible. The design is entirely up to you.

Without doctors, nurses, and a variety of other staff members, the hospital would be unable to function. So, for the hospital, hire and recruit more personnel. If every department has enough staff, the hospital’s work will move much more quickly and smoothly. A modern hospital with professional staff will make an excellent first impression.

Managing difficult surgical procedures

The surgical difficulty in Operate Now: Hospital will rise. You may need to use all of your medical knowledge or look up additional information online. The initial surgery will only cover the basics, such as first aid, antiseptics, and so on.

However, you will face more difficult major surgeries in the future. To perform surgery, players must combine multiple operations and use multiple tools at the same time. You will have to deal with cases like broken legs, broken arms, organ damage, heart surgery, and so on. These challenges will be no problem for a gamer who is passionate about surgery simulators like you.

Discover the backstories of Operate Now

In addition to patient care and hospital administration, we come across interesting side stories. Operate Now: Hospital tells you about the private lives of hospital employees. It can be about love, friendship, jealousy, envy, or ferocious combat.

There may also be heartwarming stories about patients. Each character has a distinct personality and backstory. They are like a miniature version of a short film about the medical profession.


Beautiful graphic elements and realistic sound

Realistic sound for every situation, combined with beautiful graphic elements. Detailed surgeries require a high level of medical knowledge. The hospital’s operating and management system is simple but complex.

For those who enjoy the game genre of building and operating a development machine, Operate Now: Hospital is a must-play. The surgeries, like the experience of having them performed, are dramatic and stressful at every second. Join the team of brilliant doctors by downloading Operate Now: Hospital!

Operate Now: Hospital MOD APK Highlights

Unlimited Money

Operate Now: Hospital Mod APK will provide you with the enthralling experiences of a real medical center.” While working in the hospital, you will have many exciting moments. The game assists you in gaining useful knowledge about the hospital and preparing for exciting medical adventures.


Build your own prestigious hospital in Operate Now: Hospital Mod APK for Android. It is simple to become a powerful hospital director or a brilliant surgeon. Aside from exciting gaming moments, you can also learn a lot of useful medical information.



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