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Dec 11, 2019
Mar 28, 2024
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Mod Info

Obey Me Mod APK is the perfect dating simulator for female gamers looking for an attractive cast of male harems and thrilling revelations about love.

  • Menu (restart after the first start to activate the menu button)
  • No skill for the enemy
  • High DMG for skills


Obey Me Mod APK is an outstanding Otome dating simulation game in which the characters become a part of your everyday life. If you’re single and yearn for someone to spend time with, you might look for a new partner to spend your time chatting and having fun with. This game has cool, beautiful, and endearing masculine characters who also combine a variety of other attributes. Additionally, it improves the player’s experience by giving the role a more dynamic and pleading appearance through the use of anime graphic elements.


About the game Obey Me!

Obey Me! is a stunning simulation game in which the player assumes the character of a male god endowed with all positive traits. Even better, you will begin your college life in the wealthy’s paradise. Since your arrival, you have earned the hearts and attention of all the females at this institution due to your outstanding attractiveness.

When you initially sign up, a character leads the way. Players are given various chores and information every day. You will receive rewards after completing these objectives, making it simpler to access new storylines. There won’t be any tedious repetition; the outcome of the narrative depends on how you decide to solve it.

You are awaiting up to 7 demon brothers who have a series of quests for you. These individuals all make a favorable impression on you despite their varied appearances. They are all incredibly handsome. Talk to them frequently; there are various methods to reach them. Will you or won’t you fall in love with any guy? Tame the ikemen demons to make them mad and always willing to assist you.

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How to play Obey Me!

Now you’ve got the basics, let’s show you what you have to do in this game.

Use your decision to inspire a love story

The proposed gaming method clearly demonstrates the interactive choices component, but with additional latitude for customization. There will always be more than two alternatives available for the player to choose from in any given moment, including chat, object interaction, etc. Additionally, decisions can occasionally affect the plot or the nearby characters and hasten the development of the story.

They must engage with each individual while simultaneously exploring the game’s universe, doing tasks, running into important people, and earning rewards. Instead than concentrating on the plot, the game always gives players more alternatives to explore the planet, and they can use the rewards for a variety of things. The way the item is utilized will have a significant impact on how the story develops and provide entirely different outcomes for everyone.

Fight in the card war

You will need to take part in yet another Dance Battles screen in addition to the gameplay that explores the vibrant but equally dramatic plot. Each team will have three participants in this Dance Battle, and the victor is the team that accumulates the most points rather than the team that engages in physical combat. You will also need to take precise measures during the game to ensure that you don’t lose any opportunities to triumph and outscore your rival.

Each character has an energy bar at the bottom of their feet, and each character will continuously make actions to raise their score and energy bar. You must tap on each character to use their special skills after their energy is fully charged. To progress through the various stages, you’ll need to use these skills precisely and at precisely the proper moments because they frequently provide you an advantage over other characters.

download obey-me-mod-apk

Download the latest version of Obey Me! MOD APK

If you want to master this game, we highly recommend you download the Obey Me! MOD APK on our website. This MOD grants you some additional features as listed below:

+ Unlimited Money: This MOD gives you unlimited money which you can utilize to upgrade and customize characters in the game.  You can also consume to buy new skins and unlock different items that are not available in the original version of the game.

+ VIP unlocked: While playing through the Obey Me! MOD APK, you will get all VIP features unlocked here. You can get all exclusive skins, different locations, and various characters fully unlocked that will help you in becoming a victor.

That’s all about the game Obey Me! MOD APK. Download it for free at TechToDown and have fun!


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