N.O.V.A Legacy MOD APK v5.8.4a (Unlimited Money/Trilithium)

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Mar 15, 2024
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N.O.V.A. Legacy Mod APK is an exciting first-person shooter game set in space. Several exciting features such as the game modes, weapons, upgrades, and beautiful graphics make it worth playing. With the vast array of choices to choose from, players can immerse themselves in the world of space battles and hunt for alien enemies.

Introducing N.O.V.A. Legacy Mod APK

The N.O.V.A Legacy Mod APK is a first-person shooter, of the action and adventure variety that takes place in outer space. The player controls Captain Kal Wardin and does missions ranging from protecting your home country to assassinating an enemy leader on their planet’s surface. N.O.V.A Legacy is an immersive new game that features space combat, dynamic and engaging gameplay, a gripping storyline with never-before-seen enemies, and more exciting multiplayer modes! This fast-paced first-person shooter will transport you to our near future where Earth’s natural resources have been depleted – leaving the planet into chaos as humans fight for what remains of civilization in both outer space and on earth…

N.O.V.A Legacy mod apk

Highlight Features Of N.O.V.A. Legacy Mod APK


N.O.V.A Legacy opens the war between the human world and the alien army, which ended when a leader of aliens was defeated by commander Kal Wardin fighting for humankind’s freedom against forces that are more than willing to take it away from us again if given a chance; but surprisingly later dark-side forces attack earth in such numbers, so N.O.V.A armies could not resist them at all – the base has summoned Commander Kal Wardin who is also known as a retired N.O.V.A marine with support Yelena (virtual manager) will help him fight back these invaders. The world is in danger, and it needs your help. The earth’s survival depends on what you do now!

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Many attractive game modes

N.O.V.A Legacy is an offline game also an online game, so it’s suitable for story-based quest enthusiasts seeking a challenge in their gaming experience, if not, you can play with multiplayer others!

To help them enjoy more of the gameplay without getting bored too quickly, N.O.V A. offers you 19 diverse missions and modes to shoot Alien all day with no end in sight. For example, Deathmatch mode is a fast-paced and exciting game. In this mode, you’ll play with 7 other people on the map where there is only one winner: be that by winning or being killed off. If DeathMatch isn’t your style then try a 4vs4 match which allows for teaming up to take down others!

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Diverse weapons

N.O.V.A Legacy Mod APK has a huge arsenal, many modern types with terrible destructive power. This is the war between humanity and space invaders! So all advanced technologies are included in this gameplay- like plasma guns to take out the armor of these monsters that look more robotic than humans. If you don’t feel strong enough, it’ll be hard for you to make your opponents destroyed quickly! Besides that, with the upgrades to your weapons and increased damage in each shot, you also can take down the enemies quickly. The guns are max upgraded and with just one shot they’ll be able to kill dozens of opponents.

Characters and Equipment

In this game, there are a lot of customization opportunities like costume design (looks), armor designs, headwear, etc. When designing these things don’t worry because it won’t impact any battles in-game BUT by doing all those changes people who play around may get really excited while they fight fiercely too. In addition, you’ll need weapons (of course!) along with armor and first aid kits if you want to last long enough out there on the battlefield; so be sure not to forget those necessities when venturing into battle against others! Without these things, a player’s chances of victory would greatly diminish.

Great sound and graphics

The N.O.V.A Legacy is a game that excels in graphics quality and gameplay experience, giving players an immersive sensation as they battle their way through the space-age warfare of this FPS (First Person Shooter) genre. The scenery has been crafted with care so that even when not fighting enemies, you can feel like you’re on another planet or intergalactic battlefield – it really feels real! The sound design for the game is made to be immersive and engaging. The developers have implemented music into battles, making them more exciting as well as grandiose.

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N.O.V.A. Legacy Mod APK

Mod features

  • Unlimited Golds/Gems (NOTE: You must disable the internet connection when installing the game and before opening the game)

FAQ about N.O.V.A. Legacy Mod APK

Why should I use N.O.V.A. Legacy Mod APK?

You will have unlimited gold and gems to unlock and upgrade weapons

Will N.O.V.A Legacy MOD APK work on my phone or tablet?

N.O.V.A Legacy MOD APK will work well on Android 4.0.3 devices and above.

Is N.O.V.A Legacy MOD APK any risks of using this app that you know of so far, like viruses or other malware?

N.O.V.A Legacy MOD APK at TECHTODOWN is completely safe for users.


N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk is the newest installment of one of the best FPS games on Android. This MOD APK will give you unlimited money and gems to upgrade everything, including weapons and armor, modes, and more! You’ll have everything at your fingertips without having to spend a dime– what are you waiting for? Download this game today!

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