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Mar 21, 2024
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Gangstar Vegas MOD APK has everything to give you hours of open-world game entertainment. Check this post to download the Apk Mod version.

  • Unlimited Money
  • VIP Level 10


Adrenaline racing, insane fighting, dynamic shooting: those are some examples of the immersion Gangstar Vegas MOD APK has prepared for its players. Staged in a world inspired by the opulence and vice of Las Vegas, the game will not fail to deliver great action for its players.

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Offering a complete experience for the fans of open-world games, GTA-style, Gangstar Vegas will not disappoint. You can complete missions, upgrade your character, Jason, customize its identity, and much more. In this post, we will briefly review the game and leave you with everything you need to know to download the app’s Apk Mod, as well as showing the mods for Gangstar Vegas. Keep scrolling!

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Gangstar Vegas gameplay

Gangstar Vegas already has more than 6 million reviews on Google Play and about 100 thousand in the Apple Store. Although it is a relatively old game (it was released in 2013), it holds its popularity, being among the top 50 game apps of Apple Store in its category.

The game’s success comes from its diverse enjoyability. Playing Gangstar Vegas, you have the opportunity to follow the path of becoming a rockstar, a top fighter, or a street racer. You can do all that while fighting your way to survive in the city’s underworld. The main storyline revolves around Jason, an MMA fighter on bad terms with an influential and ruthless mafia leader. His only choice is to power up with one of his enemies, Vera Montello. Along the way, we follow up with Jason completing missions to build his own power in the city.

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK Free Download

Among the available features the gameplay offers, you can also dig into 80 missions completely based on action movies, you can actually own real-estate in the city to earn more cash, purchase endless cars, boats, flying vehicles, equipment, and even stylish clothes.

The gameplay is very satisfactory. The touch screen controllers are intuitive and well designed, reminding the ones of GTA San Andreas. They change depending on what you are doing, occupying only the necessary screen space.

In the game, the player can perform incredible stunts from climbing walls to race trough amps and making unbelievable acrobatics in the air. The game’s physics uses the patches from Havock Physics, the most advanced support in the category. Nice touch. The map size is big enough to guarantee a good amount of time of discovery. There are indeed a lot of missions to fulfill while the main story develops, making playing the game very similar to watch an action movie from Holywood.

You can fulfill challenges whilst you progress through the story. The game offers a leaderboard, ranking players based on their performance. Get competitive and try to outperform other! It is worth it and boosts the entertainment time you get from the game.

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK Download

The Battle Pass allows you to earn rewards based on your achievements and challenges completed. There is a paid option (Battle Pass Premium) that allows you to gather more valuable rewards. Reach more levels to upgrade Jason and open more possibilities.

In the Workshop menu, you can upgrade your vehicles and equipment. I order to do so, you need first to gather the right materials (purchasable or earned during the game). The game also has a paid currency (diamonds), which is helpful, but not mandatory to enjoy Gangstar Vegas.

Finally, in the Gang section, you can team up with other players online and build your own group of reckless thugs. Then, you can climb up the leaderboards as a gang, which adds a nice layer of competitiveness to the game.

Gangstar Vegas also enable you to enjoy some featured side games, like casinos. As an open-world game, you can play it the way you prefer the most. As Gameloft itself likes to remind the market, Gangstar Vegas is a tough competition for GTA games, even for San Andreas.


Before hand over the download instructions, we will disclose the basic requirements for Gangstar Vegas. This goes for the regular app download from the Play Store or the Apple Store, and the Apk Mod download. The game takes 2.4GB of space in total, so make sure you have enough space in your device. Concerning RAM, the minimum requirement is 2GB. However, the game can still bug with only this amount available if your phone is running other programs. In Android, Gangstar Vega’s latest update requires Android 4.4 or higher. Gangstar Vegas supports controllers made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, requiring iOS 7 or later. They are compatible with devices of Apple’s 5th generation (iPhone 5 or later).

How to Download Gangstar Vegas Apk Mod

If you have already download Gangstar Vegas on your Android or iOS device, you may want to try the game’s blocked features for paid subscribers. You can do it for free by downloading and installing the Apk of the Modified (Mod, for short) version of Gangstar Vegas. The biggest benefits to download the Apk Mod are:

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Keys
  • UNlimited Points
  • Vip active

The only care you must take is to never play the Mod version with the internet activated. Play it only offline, because you can be banned. Follow these steps to download the Apk Mod of Gangstar Vegas:

  1. Download the Gangstar Vegas Apk Mod from a trusted source
  2. Open the Apk file
  3. Grant the required permission if this is the first time you are installing an Apk file on your device. The system you first tell you to enable to install unknown apps. On Android, you can easily set your browser to install Apk files in Biometrics and security. Look for the Install unknown apps option and, once you are there, looks for your standard browser and switch the button on.
  4. Go through the installation process
  5. Replace the OBB that came in the download file in the following address: Internal memory > Android > obb. This is step is not required on iOS devices because Apple’s operational system lets the OBB file to be embedded in the Apk file.

Once you did those, you are ready to play Gangstar Vegas and to enjoy VIP access and unlimited currencies! We hope you liked our post! Leave your comments about Gangstar Vegas below! See you in the next post!

FAQs about Gangstar Vegas MOD APK

What is the purpose of Gangstar Vegas MOD APK?

The main goal of this mod version is to add unlimited money, diamonds and gold. With it you will be able to purchase everything in-game without any limitations.

What are my benefits from using this Gangstar Vegas MOD APK?

This game modification enables players with VIP access which gives them a lot of advantages including infinite life time, increased movement speed etc. You also get unlimited cash and diamond resources by downloading our application on your device (no root needed).

Is there any danger of getting banned for using this mod?

There is no risk to get lost or deleted account because you can download Gangstar Vegas MOD APK from our site. It’s 100% safe and completely free, so don’t worry!

Is this Gangstar Vegas MOD APK free?

Yes, you can download it for free and need no additional fees. Our application is completely safe to use.


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