NeoDefense Mod Apk 1.01 (Free purchase) for Android

Mar 17, 2024
50.36 MB
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In a time when resources are scarce and enemies emerge from all sides, you must make difficult decisions about what to spend them on. Will it be upgrading turrets or meeting daily production goals? You can’t afford mistakes because an asteroid will crash into Earth any minute now…

The name of this project should be enough to give you an idea of its goal. The Near-Earth Object Defense (NeoDest) is working hard with other space agencies around the world to protect populated planets from sudden influxes or otherwise valuable rocks that could end up ruining our chances of living here on earth!

Congratulations, soldier. You’re in charge of protecting our planet from alien attack! gear up with the best defenses possible by building turrets and upgrading them so they can handle any threat that may come it’s way while also ensuring humanity continues for years to come!


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